Vedic Astrology For Sep 16-22: The Intensity Of Mars Yields Anticlimactic Endings

Planetary Transits & Cosmic Interplay for the week of Sep 16–Sep 22

This week, Mars is going from retrograde to direct and crossing back into the sign of Aquarius where it conjuncts Ketu.  Yes, this is happening again.  But in this article I’m going to discuss the influence of Mars on the opposite lunar node, Rahu.

Nodes & Energy Effects

The nodes of the Moon, Ketu and Rahu, being that they are the eclipse points of the Sun and Moon, are always 180 degrees apart.  So, anything that is conjunct one of the nodes is also directly affecting the other node as well.  With that said, it is a somewhat lesser extent of effect than if that planet were to be conjunct that node, but it will still be prevalent and simultaneously occurring.  What makes these conjunctions particularly fascinating is that Ketu and Rahu have a polar functionality in that they represent two different, if not opposing, energies.  To briefly summarize it, Ketu introverts what it influences and Rahu extroverts things.  Ketu tends to bring about restrictions and limitations that can feel somewhat suffocating, or more so, confining.  Rahu tends to make one act impulsively and take things to extremes; people can then find themselves in a bind that they don’t know how to get out of or find themselves lost somehow because of it. 

To further muddy the waters when looking at planetary conjunctions and influences to the nodes, the planet that is accompanying one of the nodes gets pulled into this diametrical opposing energy vortex.  What all this fancy wordplay means is that a paradox of energy is swirling about what that planet represents.  Both its extremes of inhibition and recklessness regarding what it represents will be on full display and influencing our lives.  As much as this may seem hard to believe at first, think of how many times in our lives that we find ourselves in situations where no matter what we do, something is bound to go wrong.  This is pretty much the nature of when a planet is conjunct one node and thereby influencing the other.

Like I mentioned earlier, Rahu brings an extroverting type of energy where one can just barrel headfirst in a new direction without considering the ramifications.  Throw Mars into the mix and there becomes a whole new level of intensity to Rahu taking things to extremes.  Rahu in a sense represents thinking outside the box and can actually bring about breakthroughs because one can take a whole new path that was never even considered possible before.  Now, let’s look more specifically at what it is about Mars that intensifies Rahu so much more.

The Intensity of Mars Impacts Rahu

Mars is the planet of initiating our energy in one specific direction with a singular goal in mind.  The key here is that Mars’s energy is that of being utterly fixated on achieving that one goal, and that one goal only, at the expense of anything that gets in its way.  It is a tunnel vision type of perspective where everything else is blocked out because the one thing needs to be done.  There is typically a sense of urgency about it as well as a heightened level of effort to get the job done.  This is what the aforementioned intensity of Mars is all about.  It is important to understand, though, that this intensity is not necessarily a negative thing.  In fact, if one is not convinced that the action being taken at any given time is not the right way to do it, then it leaves the door open for doubt and indecision.   

Now, let’s take into account what Mars influencing Rahu can indicate.  Whereas Rahu naturally is unstable and ready to take off in a new direction at any given moment, Mars now adds the fire behind it where it believes that this is the right and only thing to do.  Not only is the initiation of one’s energy put behind the wild nature of Rahu, but belief, intensity, and urgency are also added to the mix.  This can result in one really going to extremes.  There can also be a wild intensity to one’s beliefs of why they are doing something, like they are extremely fired up about why they’re taking a new direction. 

This energy of Mars influencing Rahu is also all about making extreme course changes.  Typically, one may want to think a lot about making a change before instituting it, especially if there’s a lot to take into consideration, but with this combination one may just one day decide out of nowhere to go in a completely different direction.  Especially if Mars and Rahu are actually conjunct in one’s birth chart, then that person may be tough to pin down or their behaviors tough to predict because they constantly are shifting towards new and different tangents all the time—and suddenly, at that.

In my previous article about Mars and Ketu I talked about how it is a time of inhibited and bottled up energy that can lead to frustration.  What causes this frustration around this inhibition is the influence of Mars to Rahu.  This is the basis of the paradox at this time because people may feel frustrated because they feel that they need to be taking a new path but are inhibited somehow.  It’s like being able to see what one believes needs to happen next and wanting to institute the new change of direction but being mired in the predicaments of the past.  Mars wants to go forward and hates restriction.  This further intensifies the situation since it is focusing on Rahu who never slows down for a minute and this is why this time can be experienced a lot like a can of carbonated soda that is shaken up. 

Mars + Ketu = Revisiting the Past for Resolution

Another wrinkle to this situation is that this is the third time that this conjunction has happened.  One of the things that Ketu represents, that I kind of skimmed over in the previous paragraph, is that of things related to the past.  It is about completion and resolution of those things.  Since we have had Mars once become conjunct Ketu while going direct, then go retrograde, and then come back direct again we see here a revisiting of a past situation.  This can finally be the time where we move on from something.  This can be the final resolution and kind of feel like the release of the pressure of that shaken up can of soda.  However, I wouldn’t expect it to explode but actually I would expect it to be kind of uneventful.  This is how Ketu will inhibit the wildness of the Rahu and Mars dynamic.  Before when it was becoming conjunct it was something old becoming new, then it was dealt with and felt, and now since it has had its time to stew and present itself I see it getting resolved and moved on from actually in an anticlimactic way.  So, any issues that one has been having or conflicts that one may have been dealing with may finally reach their resolution in a manner which previously looked like an all-out war but now will feel like a release of sorts.  There may even be some disappointment if someone is expecting a shootout and all they get is a handshake and are able to walk away unscathed.

The recommendation for this time is to be ready to walk away and move on.  This is the time to let things resolve in an any matter that presents itself and not to get caught up in the details, but to appreciate that its finally done.  So, my recommended remedy is to sprinkle a dash of letting go of expectations and then add a pinch of surrendering to the process to your favorite dish and to make sure you make enough for everyone.