Vedic Astrology For Oct 7-13: Mercury & Venus Bring Fresh Excitement

Planetary Transits & Cosmic Interplay for the week of Oct 7–13

This week brings us the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the sky.  As has been the theme for the last couple of articles, this is one of the better combinations to look forward to.  This is especially the case when contrasted with the crazy eclipse cycle we all just went through and the influences of the cruel planets like Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu.  There certainly was a lot going on and now we get to focus on some of the more pleasant combinations such as this one. 

Mercury and Venus are what we consider in Vedic Astrology to be something called “mutual friends.”  This means that each planet receives the influence of the other in a way that helps each to better achieve their natural agendas.  In other words, this is a pleasant combination to experience as this energy helps to make things work out smoother for the activities and such that they represent.

Mercury & Fun

Mercury is the planet of exploration and of playing games.  It is also the planet of seeing all the possibilities and managing affairs to make things work out the best possible way.  Mercury is related to games, amusement, comedy, communication of all forms, hobbies, activities, and things related to using one’s hands, just to name a few things.  Another great description of Mercury is that it brings a very practical energy as it is always looking at a situation for what it is and understanding how all the parts work individually. 

Venus & Beauty

Venus is the planet of appreciation and beauty.  Venus is the planet of valuation and fairness and therefore has a link to romantic relationships and such.  Venus is known to be related to poetry in the sense that poetry is something that isn’t just about the actual written words themselves, but in being able to appreciate the overall meaning behind it.  It represents our ability to appreciate the deeper meaning behind something that isn’t necessarily directly stated.  This is why Venus is related to art, things of beauty, comforts in life, vehicles, romantic relationships, marriage, and jewelry, as these are things that we appreciate the value of that make our lives more fulfilling.  This valuation process of Venus, in an individual sense, helps one to better find the things in life that will provide the most value to them.

Venus & Mercury: Mutual Friends

Now, let’s look at how these energies affect each other and how that looks.  With Venus influenced by Mercury one is able to appreciate the value of something because they can see all the subtle nuances of something and to know more about the subject they are valuating.  Also, Mercury helps to make things more fun.  With Venus related to romantic relationships, Mercury can help to make one have more fun with one’s partner or just enjoy the give and take nature of relationships more. 

With Venus’s influence to Mercury, what this does is help one find more pleasure in the things that interest them.  It can help a person appreciate how something works by being able to see the value of all the intricacies of how something is put together.  It adds this level of appreciation of value to go along with Mercury’s sometimes dry process of sorting and seeing all the possibilities.  Mercury is related to our decision-making process and with the influence of Venus this is helped by not needing to see every detail necessarily, but in being able to appreciate which details are the most valuable to assess which can then expedite the process.

To further explore this combination, let’s look at an example of what they can produce and indicate in a broader sense.  When Venus and Mercury are together or mutually influencing each other in one’s natal chart, one of the possible pursuits or focuses in one’s life that may be indicated is for one to be involved with acting or some sort of roleplaying.  Venus gives an indication of being involved with art but also, perhaps more importantly, of understanding their role and how to bring about depth to the character they portray.  This is the influence of Venus’s poetic side.  Mercury helps one to practice and repeat things over and over until getting it right, to memorize lines—and Mercury is, of course, related to communication. 

So, how does this apply to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the sky?  Well, this can be a time where one gets involved either with a new hobby or pursuit of interest or just experiences a new level of appreciation for it.  It is a fun time where one is more apt to find fun and interesting things to do.  One can find this a time of having more fun in their romantic relationships and possibly of wanting to make it better by adding a fun element to it.  This can be a time of really enjoying the time one spends together with their partner.  It can be a time of experimentation with one’s artistic side and of perhaps even trying a new modality.

Too Much of a Good Thing…

Like most things in life, there is a downside to this energy—and that would be of spending too much time having fun and not applying oneself enough towards one’s responsibilities and obligations.  This is a time of play and enjoyment which can lead one astray from bigger goals and aspirations as these get cast aside for more trivial activities.  While this can be a very enjoyable time, spending time having fun needs to be put into perspective here and one must make sure that the bigger things in life don’t waste away or debts don’t start piling up on account of this activity.  However, with all the intense swirling energy of this last eclipse period put into perspective, it’s a whole lot more pleasant predicament to be found in and one to be embraced and appreciated for its pleasant nature.