October 24 Full Moon Brings Enlightenment & Resolution

The gateway will open to radical, transformative change at the Full Moon on October 24!

The Sun in transformational Scorpio, opposite radical Uranus in Taurus, conjoining the Full Moon in Taurus, is a recipe for life-altering events at this upcoming Full Moon. It will be a time when people will precipitously and powerfully express their deeply held feelings and thoughts. Actions may be sudden and unexpected—and they will be strong!

The Buddha Moon Connection

Refer back to what was going on in your life in late April of 2018, when this Full Moon occurred in reverse—with the Sun in stable, consistent Taurus and the Moon in transformative Scorpio. The April 29, 2018, Full Moon was called the “Buddha Moon.” A Buddha is an enlightened being, or one who has attained oneness with all that is. Gautama Siddhartha was a “Buddha” who attained this state of divine enlightenment through long periods of meditation, prayer, and renunciation. Legend holds that "the” Buddha, a prince who was known as Gautama Siddhartha earlier in his life, was born when the Sun was in Taurus and the Moon was in Scorpio. It is said that he attained enlightenment under the same celestial alignment (Sun in Taurus-Moon in Scorpio), and he left his earthly form under the exact same alignment of the Sun and Moon (Sun in Taurus-Moon in Scorpio).

The deeper meaning of the Taurus-Scorpio polarity is the competition between material desires represented by Taurus, and the desire to transcend the material realm to reach higher states of consciousness, represented by Scorpio.  Each constellation in the Taurus-Scorpio polarity is 6 months away from the other, or 180 degrees apart, making what is called an opposition in astrology. This magnetic pull between opposites causes tension, but it also leads to breakthrough, redemption, and reconciliation.

Thus, you have an opportunity under the Sun-in-Scorpio-and-Moon-in-Taurus on October 24 to resolve an issue, perhaps a conflict (either inner or outer), that was raised at the Buddha Moon on April 29, 2018—because this is a time of resolution and completion. You also will have a chance to transcend a material desire that may be holding you back from reaching your own higher potentials, or higher potential states of awareness. This may involve an issue you have been struggling with for a long time. It could be anything, such as the desire for delicious food versus the desire to lose weight. Or it could be a desire for a relationship versus a greater commitment to your work or your spiritual path. Or, it could even be something as simple as the desire to be right versus letting someone else feel good about themselves or have their way.

New Possibilities

The gateway is opening to new possibilities that you had not imagined before. You will feel at the October 24 Full Moon as if you are beginning a new chapter of your life—if you consciously confront the issues that are holding you back from your own growth. Under the strong power of the fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus, you will take greater responsibility for your decisions and your actions as you realize how powerfully your thoughts, desires, and feelings affect your daily reality.

Venus Retrograde from October 5 to November 16, which encompasses the October Full Moon on October 24, will powerfully draw you back to think about relationships you experienced in the past. Under the influence of the Scorpio Moon, you may discover strong sentiments you didn’t know you had. Rather than disown these feelings, own them. Accept your humanity. Forgive yourself and the other persons with whom you are in relationship. Be like the Buddha and step back, allowing yourself to feel that you too are one with all that is—because you are!

Step Back & Consider the Big Picture

The Sun-Uranus opposition just hours after the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23—and hours before the Full Moon on October 24—will electromagnetically charge the atmosphere with kinetic energy that will be seeking expression. Think twice before speaking hastily or without careful consideration. Think clearly about all sides of the story. Look at the situation from all possible angles. Ask questions. Take a deep breath. And take another deep breath. Sleep on it overnight. The situation won’t go away if you wait. In fact, it may even improve with time. So step back. See the big picture of your life. And see the big picture of the situation you are considering. Look at the big picture of the person with whom you are in relationship, or with whom you are in any tricky situations. You are in the driver’s seat now! And, you are taking important steps toward reaching your own state of enlightenment.

Enjoy the Full Moon, which is a mirror opposite reflection of the Buddha Moon!