Pay Attention To Timing Under The Gemini Full Moon Nov 22

The November Full Moon in Gemini arrives hours after the Sun moves from intense Scorpio to uplifting Sagittarius on Thursday, November 22.

A Chance To Breathe Deeply

This astrological shift represents a lessening of the intensity that you have been experiencing in the most recent month. Instead of excavating to find the truth and grappling with the dark side in your important relationships, you will be ready to take things on faith and enjoy the present moment. You will experience a break from the struggles in order to breathe deeply and see the positive side of other people, where you only saw negative before. You will be ready to say “whatever” to whatever was aggravating you in the past. 

This is a time to enjoy the fruits of your relationship labors. Whatever good you have given in the past will return to you in a positive form by the end of the month. You will be richly rewarded for your kindness and positive contributions to others.

The Gemini Full Moon also introduces a whimsical energy that enables you to enjoy the simple lightness of being. It is a time to go outside to explore your environment, talk to your neighbors, sip tea at a local café and meet new people…just because. Under the Gemini Full Moon, you will not always be sure of why you’re doing what you’re doing, but in the end, as long as you don’t have a fixed result in mind, all will work out in your favor.

The Gemini Moon energizes your desire to express yourself and experience the self-expression of others. Coupled with the Sun in Sagittarius, the most explorative energy of the zodiac, this is a time to get out of your comfort zone and explore something new—a new restaurant, museum, hiking trail, or even a sunrise (or sunset if you’re not a morning person!).

Slow Down For Mercury Retrograde

This full moon also coincides with Mercury Retrograde, as well as a changing of the guard in terms of retrograde planets. Venus will have been retrograde until November 16, just hours before Mercury turns retrograde on the same day. Mercury will be retrograde until December 6, casting a potentially backwards-looking influence to the 3-week retrograde period. 

Just as you are putting your relationships back on track after Venus retrograde completes on November 16, you will be starting to review decisions made in the past for a 3-week period when Mercury goes retrograde on November 16. This will include reviewing agreements, contracts, and other business correspondence once Mercury goes retrograde on November 16. The general cadence of life will slow down under the influence of the retrograde motion of the communications planet (Mercury). So, give yourself time to slow down, relax, renew, and review. Expect delays. And allow for detours.

With the serendipity of the Gemini Moon energy, a few detours could make for interesting respites from your normal patterns this month. So expect the unexpected, and enjoy the intervening interludes. Make sure to bring engaging reading or viewing materials if you get waylaid from your intended course. This also is a good time to catch up on outstanding correspondence or the reading you meant to do but were too busy to complete during the preceding non-Mercury-retrograde period (August 18-November 16).

Gemini’s Timing 

Gemini is represented by the twins, and also the wing-footed messenger Hermes on the zodiac wheel. This means that even if one twin is delayed, the other twin can speedily catch up and get the information needed or arrive at a designated location when the time is right. Speed and correct timing mean everything under the influence of the Gemini Moon. So, if you are prevented from getting the information you need or completing the project you intended to complete under the Mercury Retrograde, rest assured that you will catch up to where you want to go very quickly after the Mercury Retrograde is complete on December 6. 

Also know that Gemini is masterful at negotiating time and space more quickly than the average human being can normally do. Have you ever noticed how Geminis arrive at the bus stop just as the next bus arrives? Or, how the Gemini walks into the party just as it is livening up?  Geminis also seem to walk more quickly and find just the right openings in traffic to arrive before others who have departed at the same time. And Geminis’ minds also move at lightning speed. They often are the first ones to see the irony in a situation, make a joke, or find a double entendre that brings a smile to everyone’s lips. Even when a Gemini is running late, he or she seems to arrive unnoticed just at the right moment, and like a chameleon, he or she is able to easily blend right in with the rest of the scenery. 

Gemini energy provides a precise sense of timing and speed that will serve you well under the full moon’s influence on November 22.

And while the Gemini Moon encourages the fulfillment of even the most whimsical desires, if the realization of your wishes is not forthcoming on November 22, rest assured that all circumstances will realign and you will find fulfillment after Mercury Retrograde is complete on December 6—or shortly thereafter!