Vedic Astrology For Nov 18-24: Purpose Vs. Distraction

Planetary Transits and Cosmic Interplayfor the week of Nov 18–24


The gist of the cosmic interplay this week is that of parsing out purpose from distraction.  Astrologically speaking, we have Sun joining Jupiter and Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius.  Let’s explore the specificities of this situation and how these placements lend themselves towards creating this energy.

Fire & the Bow

Firstly, let’s discuss the sign of Sagittarius.  The images associated with Sagittarius from various sources are that of a centaur holding a bow (the front half a man and rear half a horse) or just a bow itself.  What we can pull from this is the idea of giving us direction.  Being a fire sign as well gives more credence to this fact being true as the fire element is representative of such things as vision, clarity, purpose, energy, and ambition.  The weapon element of being related to a bow is very important as well because it shows us that this fire is directed and aimed as an arrow is with a bow.  This is where we get the idea of Sagittarius being about purpose and of giving direction, drive, and the feeling of inspiration.

Also, it’s important to understand that this energy of Sagittarius is different from the other fire signs of Aries and Leo, ruled by Mars and the Sun respectively.  That is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who is referred to as “the Great Benefic” in Vedic Astrology.  In fact, it is a boon for any planet to be in the same sign of Jupiter in a natal chart as well as it is a boon for the chart to have a well-placed Jupiter.  My point: this fiery energy related to weaponry is not actually an aggressive energy like that of (especially) Mars and its sign Aries.  Inasmuch as Sagittarius is related to this previously described energy, there is also a noble, pure, and gentle side to it as well.  What this shows us is that this aim and purpose that it typically gives is one that is in line with one’s greater purpose in life that will give rise to the most good for the individual and for the community as a whole.  This is also why Sagittarius is related to careers like judges and priests because these archetypical professions typically involve individuals with a strong sense of right and wrong in a broad sense of what’s best for the whole.

The Two Bestowers of Purpose

Now, let’s look at having Jupiter and Sun coming conjunct in Sagittarius as well.  Like I mentioned earlier, Jupiter is the planet associated with (said to be the “ruler” of) Sagittarius.  This means that the energy of Jupiter and Sagittarius are intertwined.  To further understand the energy of Jupiter requires a deep knowledge of Sagittarius and vice versa.  With Jupiter then in Sagittarius, we tend to get this energy in spades, so to speak.  An abundance of seeing the picture of where we need to go next and aligning our life and goals with our bigger purpose is the gist of what we get here. 

The Sun itself also has a major say in what it is that we want to do in our lives.  The Sun brings about a sense of importance to things as it represents our highest ambitions of what we want to become in the world, like how we can shine our brightest.  The Sun represents purity in the sense that it will burn away impurities, which in this case can be about eliminating the things in one’s life that are causing delays, that are obstacles, or that just aren’t connecting one directly to doing the important things that they feel they are here to accomplish.  So, the Sun with Jupiter in Sagittarius is a lot about not only feeling ambitious and finding direction—it’s about really looking at the best way to put your energy forward and of clearing away those things that don’t align with this.

The Wrench in the Gears

Oh, darned that Mercury retrograde already!  Mercury is great for a lot of things in our lives, but put into this context, and especially in its retrogression, Mercury becomes a greater hinderance.  Whereas previously discussed about burning away the impurities that take one away from their path in life, Mercury represents these exact things in the form of distractions.  The idea here of distractions are not necessarily just of the annoying type, but are things that one may find “neat” or “cool.”  It can be about hobbies, interests, games, or anything that just attracts our curiosity but doesn’t allow for growth along our path in life. 

With this retrogression happening and its impending exact conjunctions with both Sun and Jupiter, this is the time when one will be most strongly tested by what arouses and stimulates one’s interests in the context of trying to head towards the important goals of life.  The distractions will take the forefront but will not necessarily play their best role which is to find relief from the serious parts of life and provide respite.

Turkey Day Metaphor

Fun is great to be had and to relish in, but this has to be at the proper time and place.  To put in the proper perspective of the season with a nice American holiday metaphor, this is akin to spending too much time watching the football game on TV while in the meantime the turkey burns in the oven and the family is left with only mashed potatoes and stuffing to eat.  Just remember, you can always record the game and watch it later when you have free time and to take care of that turkey when it’s ready.