New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn Portends Change (In Government & Self)

A powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives on Saturday, January 5, 2019! It will be visible in East Asia and Southern Alaska. Although this celestial event may not be visible where you live, you will feel its powerful reverberations nonetheless! This is because the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn occurs very close to two other powerful planets: structured Saturn in Capricorn and transformational Pluto in Capricorn. The 3 celestial bodies—the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto—will conjoin each other in Capricorn within hours of the eclipse. 

What is a New Moon Solar Eclipse?

A New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon crosses between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily blocking the light of the Sun from the perspective of the Earth. Solar and lunar eclipses are powerful in general because they open the way for new information to enter the collective consciousness. This is because one of the celestial bodies upon which we rely for light and energy (Sun and Moon) is disrupted in its flow to Earth. At the very least, there is a change in the general level of consciousness during the few weeks preceding and following the eclipse, which always occurs at either a New or Full Moon.

In the case of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 5, 2019, the Sun will be sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto at the moment of the eclipse. The Moon will cross over Saturn (thus drawing on its energy) hours before the eclipse, and the Moon will cross over Pluto (thus drawing on its energy) hours after the eclipse.

The Symphony of the Sun, Moon, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn

This symphony of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn will powerfully magnify the energies of each celestial body and call the energy of each into physical manifestation. This is especially true given that the Sign of the Goat (Capricorn) is an accomplishment-oriented earth sign that is powerfully driven to manifest its energy and make its mark on society.

Capricorn also is the sign that rules governments, corporations, public systems, and institutions. Saturn rules leaders, administrators, and managers. In Capricorn, Saturn strengthens rules, laws, and governments.  Saturn also rules boundaries, limitations, discipline, and achievements. 

Saturn is the Roman god who separated heaven from earth. In ancient times, Saturn represented the boundary of the known solar systems. (Today, we know that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto lie beyond Saturn. And we know that more planets lie beyond their orbits that have yet to be discovered). But hundreds of years ago, Saturn was known to define the limits of “reality." It still carries this energy to this day.

In Greek mythology, Saturn also was known as Kronos, god of time, because this god was in charge of regulating the years, seasons, months, weeks, hours, and minutes that comprise “time” as we know it. The word “chronological” comes from Kronos, because he is the god concerned with putting things in the right order at the right time. (Note that the “New Year” begins during the month of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.)

Eventually, the regulation of time coincided with the regulation of activities within that time, which has come to be considered modern-day government.

The Effect on Government

Clearly, governmental systems are about to be re-configured due to the buildup of Saturnian energy in Capricorn since 2017 and Pluto in Capricorn since 2008. The United States government was formed under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn in 1775-6. (Pluto was last in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778.) Pluto, which takes 248 years to cycle through the entire zodiac, has not been in Capricorn since just after the American Revolution. Pluto returned to Capricorn in 2008, and will remain in the Sign of the Goat until 2024. 

Pluto, god of the underworld, rules the death of the old and the rebirth of the new. In Capricorn, it rules the transformation of governmental systems in favor of a more enlightened governing body. In order to create a new form of government, however, the old government must be removed (or destroyed) to make room for new leaders to emerge. 

This coming eclipse on January 5, 2019 signifies a disruption of the normal functioning of governments across the globe to make way for a Plutonian rebirth of new governing bodies. This could come through small, autonomous governing systems or autonomous, publicly-generated economic systems facilitated by such things as “cryptocurrencies.”

Either way, the New Moon Solar Eclipse portends further overhauls of the way power is exercised—on a public level—and in the way we regulate our daily lives.

What Does This Mean for You?

On a personal level, you may find yourself reacting in a personal way to news stories or events in the public domain under the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. This is a normal manifestation of Capricorn energy as you are personally affected by what is going on in the world. But under the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune square on January 9, June 16, and September 21, 2019, you will have the opportunity to transcend and see the situations from a higher and more transcendent perspective. 

The greatest success under the 2019 Jupiter-Neptune square (Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Capricorn) will come when you reset your own internal “governing” system. It is a time to be boldly honest with yourself, confront any disharmony within yourself, and give it to your higher self or Spirit to heal. There is much potential for regeneration and repair under the convergence of Jupiter and Neptune. But these energies must be consciously channeled to a higher level. Otherwise, the natural gravitational forces of Earth will pull thoughts and activities down.

When Jupiter and Neptune come together, you can expand upward like a helium balloon. If the expansion is too great or unrealistic, the air will leak out or even burst the balloon. On a practical level, this happens when the when fragile or even grandiose ideas collide with sharp reality. Your thoughts—positive and negative—will be powerful under the expansive vibrational influence of Jupiter and Neptune in 2019. Project your thoughts and ideas consciously in the direction you would like to go. And try to remain happy and stay above any perceived disharmony in the world around you—despite any disruptions to the status quo.