Vedic Astrology For February 17-23: Mars Brings the Passion

How apropos that we have Mars entering into the sign of Taurus right around Valentine’s Day.  In Vedic Astrology, we know Taurus to be ruled by the planet Venus.  With the presence of Mars being in Venus’s sign, we have a connection of these two planets.  When we have these two planets connecting their energies, one of the indications is passion.  And what better time for this connection, right?  With that being said, let’s look at why this is the case and get a sense of the bigger picture of Mars and Venus’s connections.


Are Men from Mars?

There was a book that came out awhile ago called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  While I never read this book, the title sure stuck in my head and this was way before I ever started studying Vedic Astrology.  The point to this is that in common parlance there are certain indications of the planets that are understood, albeit at a very basic level.  In Vedic Astrology, we do consider Mars to be a masculine planet and Venus to be a feminine planet.  However, this is more about the energies of masculinity and femininity which are not gender specifications but more so qualities and characteristics that any person may contain regardless of gender. 

With Mars being masculine, it is related to things like bravery, courage, and taking initiative.  It is about an individual putting forth their energy towards what it is that they wish to accomplish.  Mars represents a very brazen application of energy in which things like consequences are put aside for the greater goal that Mars is pursuing.


Intensity and Righteousness

Now, typically what Mars’s pursuits are come from two different directions.  Mars is related to emergency services like ambulance, police, and fire departments.  The very nature of these jobs is that these types of people are always ready to take immediate action when the time calls for it.  Such is the nature of Mars.  In this regard, Mars is the fixer of problems that arise and of taking care of things that demand immediate attention.  Also, Mars is the energy to move extremely fast and intensely for a short period of time. 

Mars is also the planet that initiates activity based upon what it believes in.  Mars represents the energy of holding our ground and standing up behind our beliefs.  This can be in defending one’s beliefs and even one’s own property or homeland.  This is why Mars is said to be the planet that gets activated when one gets into altercations or when countries go to war. 


Where the Passion Comes From

The thing about Mars is that it will aggressively go after the thing that it has deemed is necessary to do.  It is a very excitable energy and at times can be hard to contain.  Mars is like the caveman who beats his mate over the head and drags her back to his cave.  This is the passion of the Martial energy.  It sees what it wants and takes it whatever way it needs to get it.  It is very intense in its action and operates in a very straightforward manner towards achieving the desired end.

A very important point, however, is that Mars on its own is not necessarily the energy that represents sexuality.  It is when Mars is influenced by Venus that this becomes prevalent.  This is because Mars’s passion and intensity takes on the quality of the planet(s) that are influencing it.  With Venus being so much a social planet, about following one’s attractions, and being related to romantic relationships, this really turns Mars’s focus of applying its energy towards these things.  This is where sexual passion really gets brought out. 

Now, Venus on its own is not inasmuch a passionate energy as it is a sensual one.  The Venusian energy is very much related to experiencing the comforts the world has to offer.  In this context then we can see that Venus is about pleasurable experiences.  This has a hand in why Venus is related to things like romantic relationships and sensual pleasures.

Earlier I mentioned how Venus is a feminine planet.  This is about wanting and desiring something to be experienced or had that one currently does not have.  Venus gets one involved with wanting those things that will provide the person with comfort and pleasure.  Now, pair this with Mars and there is the combination of desire and intense pursuit—hence passion.


Roses & Chocolate for All!

With that being said, this particular combination is not the most potent combination of these two planets’ energies intermingling.  We actually only have Mars being fully influenced by Venus by being in Taurus.  It is not a mutual influence of energy like both being in conjunction in the same sign or casting full planetary aspect; it’s just a one way influence.  That is not to say that this energy is not present—it’s just not at its most potent form.  However, it is quite fascinating that the transit of Mars into Taurus falls right around Valentine’s Day.  Even if it’s not the fullest manifestation of these two planets, it couldn’t have happened at a more appropriate time.