Focus On Your Relationships Under Rare Double Libra Full Moons

Rarely does a full moon fall twice in a row in one astrological sign as will be the case this spring! The first Libra Full Moon falls on the same day as the Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries on March 20, 2019.The second Libra Full Moon occurs on April 19, 2019, the last day of Aries, just 24 hours before the Sun enters Taurus. Again, Full Moons generally occur in sequential order. So, after the Libra Full Moon, generally the Scorpio Full Moon comes next. But this Spring, in a year when so many things are out of the ordinary, there will be two Full Moons in Libra in a row, followed by a Scorpio Full Moon a month later, on May 18, 2019. 

The reason? The Libra Full Moon falls on the first day that the Sun is in Aries, the day also known as the Spring Equinox. Given that a Full Moon occurs every 29.5 days, and the Sun remains in Aries for 30 days, the Full Moon just makes it into Libra on the first and last days of the month of Aries. Nonetheless, there still will be 12 Full Moons during the calendar year of 2019; it’s just that 2 of these Full Moons will occur within the zodiac sign of Aries, while there will be no Full Moons within the zodiac sign of Capricorn during this calendar year. This is because there was one Capricorn Full Moon in December 2018 and there will be another Capricorn in January 2020.


Double Libra = Relationship Time! 

The “double Libra” influence in the Spring of 2019 will accentuate the need for peace and harmony in all relationships—and will support you to accomplish your relationship goals. The increase in Libra energy during the 1st month of Spring also will set the pattern for the entire Spring season. The highly unusual symphony of two Libra Full Moons will focus everyone on balancing with others to avoid going too far out of balance, on objectivity and impartiality, on mediating rather than fighting, and on seeking fairness and equality. Resorting to domination or power politics will lead to more difficult consequences under the magnetic influence of two Full Moons stretched across the relationship axis of Aries and Libra. So, this will be a partnership tune-up time for you! 


A Healthy Relationship

The first of the two Libra Full Moons takes place just 4 hours after the Spring season commences on March 20—when the Sun enters the fire sign of Aries and the Moon enters the air sign of Libra. Astrology was originally conceived of as an agricultural system so the ancients would know when to plant the seeds in the Spring under the constellation of Aries and harvest these seeds six months later under the constellation of Libra. The constellations of Aries and Libra mark a pivotal time of year when the individuality of Aries balances with the peaceful, relationship-oriented nature of Libra. This Full Moon combination (Aries Sun & Libra Moon) traditionally occurs only once a year, between March 20 and April 19. The second of the two Libra Full Moons will occur this year on April 19.

The focus of the March 20 and April 19 Full Moons in Libra will call your attention to your need for healthy relationships. As prescribed by the constellation of Libra, a healthy relationship consists of balance, fairness, equality, equal sharing, cooperation, objectivity and understanding of the needs of a partner, yielding to the desires of the other person, and mutual desire for harmony. The constellation of Aries, where the Sun will reside during the Full Moons in Libra, on the other hand, is concerned with individuality, self-assertion, and impulsive action. The Libra Full Moon calls for balance between these two urges—one for joining with others in a balanced partnership and the other for striking out independently. The double-Libra Full Moon will temper people’s normal impulsivity in favor of impartial consideration and analysis, moderated responses, and peaceful reactions.


How Will Two Libra Full Moons Affect You?

You will feel this celestial influence most strongly if you were born under the constellations of Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, or if these Zodiac signs are strongly featured in your astrological chart, such as in your Moon, Mars, or Ascendant. Conversely, if you were born under the constellations of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, or if these energies are strong in your astrological chart, your attitudes and belief systems will be challenged under the double-Libra Moon influence. Of, if you were born under the constellations of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, or if these energies are strong in your astrological chart, you will experience the effect of the double-Libra Full Moon through your partners, colleagues, family members, and friends. So, get ready to be a strong support system for those who are re-balancing and re-calibrating under the rare two-in-a-row Libra Full Moons. The effect will be strong at the first Full Moon on March 20, and will be even stronger at the 2nd rendition of the Libra Full Moon on April 19. Get ready to compromise and cooperate with the people who are important to you!

Also note that the first of the two Libra Full Moons coincides with the retrograde of Mercury, the communications planet. Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from March 5 to 28. This will be a time to review the past and rectify decisions you have previously made. It will not be uncommon for people to return to relationships from the past for comfort, rectification, healing, and resolution. Energetic Mars in Taurus also will align with disciplined Saturn in Capricorn on March 14 and with passionate Pluto in Capricorn on March 20, the same day as the first of the two Libra Full Moons and the first day of Spring. These alignments portend a strong focus on relationships, not in a superficial way, but in a way that penetrates to the core of who you are, who the other person is, and why you are in the relationship. This will be the time to “get real” with yourself and your partner, be honest, and share an authentic assessment of the value and direction of your mutual goals together.