Vedic Astrology For March 10-16: Counter Accidental Righteousness With Intentional Humility

This week we have the full special planetary aspect of Mars landing upon Jupiter.  While Mars is considered to be a cruel planet in Vedic astrology, it is actually helpful to Jupiter.  This is because in Vedic Astrology we have a system of determining the help or hindrance that one planet influencing another causes from what is known as natural planetary relationships.

Jupiter and Mars are a pair of planets who are considered mutual friends.  This means that these two planets have a certain affinity for the energy of the other and tend to help each other bring about their natural agenda when they are influencing each other.  In other words, this is typically a positive combination.  However, like anything in life, there are pitfalls that come along with this, as we shall see.

While the influences of these planets towards each other is one of amity, what is coming into play specifically this week is the mutually exclusive influence of Mars onto Jupiter.  What we are seeing is the special planetary aspect of Mars being cast fully onto Jupiter.  This will enliven Jupiter’s ability to bring about its agenda with the essence of Mars.  

What these two planets share in common is that of both being considered in Vedic Astrology to bring forth masculine energy.  This isn’t gender specific inasmuch as being about our ability to manage our lives, feel inspired, and to take action in the world.  Their energy is more about creating one’s vision of the world and bringing things to fruition.  This is a very general sense of these planets’ energies—now let’s look at some more specific indications.


Seeing The Bigger Picture

Jupiter represents our creativity and of the bigger picture aspects of our world view, goals, and plans.  Therefore, we can see why Jupiter is related to things like philosophy and religion, as these are things that each person believes in which are a collective cohesion of various ideas and thoughts.  It is very much an organizing energy. 

We can gain further understanding of Jupiter’s energy by looking towards the signs that it is said to rule over in Vedic Astrology.  The sign that Jupiter sources its energy from is that of Sagittarius whose associated image is that of a bow.  This is related to having direction, purpose, and knowing exactly where one is headed and what their next step is.  It is a very driven energy.  The other sign that Jupiter rules is the sign of Pisces.  The nature of this sign is in seeing how everything is connected and interrelated.  This is the big picture view of Jupiter’s.  By seeing how one’s inspirations, actions, and goals are related and how they all fit together, then one can prepare to make the most out of one’s activity in life. 


Activity & Logic 

Activity is the primary domain of Mars and the main indication of what Jupiter being influenced by Mars brings about.  It is about feeling inspired to take action in one’s life in the manner that brings about one’s goals that is in accordance to their big picture view of the world.  If one has a plan that they’ve been wanting to institute, this is the time for a new sense of inspired activity in which the next step is implemented.  The key to Mars’s energy is that it is very logical and knows what to do next.  Logic itself, which is represented by Mars, is something that is determined by an individual to be a step-by-step process that is obvious of the direction of something’s unfoldment.  Therefore, at this time it becomes very obvious to one the next step to take to move one closer to their goals.  It can even be a time where one becomes very aware of all the next steps they need to take which further brings clarity to their bigger vision. 


Beware Of Righteousness

Earlier I briefly mentioned that Jupiter is related to things like philosophy and religion.  While these types of belief systems contain a large picture and can give way to a deeper understanding, these can also lead towards dogma and bring about restricting view as there can be barriers created in which other beliefs aren’t allowed in.  It can be a very closed belief system. 

Mars, on the other hand, is a planet that can bring about an attitude of being very opinionated.  Mars’s glyph is a circle with an arrow coming out of it.  This is representative of being single-minded.  When it comes to taking action, this is something that can typically only be taken in one direction.  If you are going to drive your car, for example, you have to choose one direction to head in.  If you’re headed west on the interstate, you can’t just stop your car and turn around, especially if the momentum is great.  This example can then be taken metaphorically to show why Mars represents things like being opinionated because it sees only one way to do things.

Therefore, what this influence can show is a certain pointedness about what one believes needs to be done.  This isn’t necessarily a closed mindset inasmuch as a certain air of righteousness is being brought about.  When one is doing something that they see as the next logical step, then there is a certain inspiration that takes place as well as a boost to confidence.  This stems from one feeling like what they are doing is the right thing to do.  Herein lies the rub to this time—in being overly righteous and bringing with them an air of building themselves up to be of ultra-importance. 


Just Add Humility

The proper measure of antidote for any possible air of seeming too overly self-important is to sprinkle in an equal amount of humility.  Coming back to the nature of Jupiter is key here in regards to its rulership of Pisces.  This is a time to appreciate that everything is connected and to extend one’s big picture to incorporate more than just themselves—to realize that they are just playing their part in that of the whole.   Ultimately, it behooves one more to let their actions be an inspiration, than to make their inspirations be a burden.