Libra Full Moon On April 19: A Time For Balance, Love & Healing Energy

Get ready for the rare  2nd Libra Full Moon in a row on Friday, April 19! This Full Moon lands on Good Friday and comes 30 days after the last Full Moon in Libra on the Spring Equinox (March 20). Not only do we not normally have 2 Full Moons in a row in the same sign, but these Full Moons also coincide with other powerful turning points in our yearly calendar.

You may wonder, why do we have 2 Libra Full Moons in a row? And why do they both occur on special occasions?

The Libra Full Moon normally occurs once every year when the Moon in Libra aligns opposite the Sun in Aries. This year, the Full Moon in Libra arrived just hours after the Spring Equinox on March 20. Given that a Full Moon occurs every 29.5 days, and the Sun remains in Aries for 30 days, the Full Moon just makes it into Libra again on the first and last days of the Aries month—March 20 and April 19. 


The Timing Of Easter

Additionally, Easter is traditionally celebrated on the Sunday after the 1st Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. Since the first Full Moon of Spring occurred on the same day as the Spring Equinox, the celebration of Easter falls on April 21, the first Sunday after the next Full Moon, which falls on Good Friday. Easter occurs this year at the furthest point it can be from the beginning of Spring—not only a full month after the Spring Equinox, but several days after the Sun has passed into the constellation of Taurus. (This year, Good Friday occurs on Friday, April 19. The Sun enters Taurus on Saturday, April 20. Easter occurs on Sunday, April 21.)

It is a rare synchronicity for two Full Moons to coincide with major calendrical milestones (Spring Equinox and Good Friday), much less under the same constellation (Aries Sun-Libra Moon x2). Perhaps it is the sense of good manners and propriety so innate to the sign of Libra that it coincides with 2 holidays; its very homogenizing effect combines one holiday that is originally a Celtic/pagan celebration of the Spring Equinox, also called Ostara or Eostre (close to Easter) and another Christian holy day celebrating the resurrection of the Christ, symbolic of the return of the light after the Spring Equinox.

Furthermore, Full Moons generally occur in sequential order. So, after the Libra Full Moon, generally comes the Scorpio Full Moon. But this Spring, after the first Libra Full Moon came another Libra Full Moon. The next Full Moon in Scorpio will not occur until late in the sign of Taurus, on May 18. Nonetheless, there still will be only 12 Full Moons during the calendar year of 2019; it’s just that 2 of these Full Moons will occur under the constellation of Aries, while there will be no Full Moons in Cancer under the constellation of Capricorn during this calendar year. This is because there was one Cancer Full Moon (while the Sun was in Capricorn) in December 2018 and there will be another Cancer Full Moon (while the Sun is in Capricorn) in January 2020.


Balancing Relationships

So, what will this mean for you? The intense focus of Libra energy will doubly-magnetize the part of your astrological chart—and your psyche—that is concerned with relationships, fairness, balance, peace and harmony, and justice. Think about the areas of your life where you try hardest to be peaceful and fair. Is there anything out of balance in this realm that requires adjustment? This is the time to rebalance any relationships that are out of balance!

You may also want to consider that the 1st Libra Full Moon occurred on March 20, while communicative Mercury was retrograde. Happily, Mercury completed its retrograde cycle and returned to direct motion on March 28. So, you will have a positive opportunity to straighten out any relationship issues or miscommunications that may have occurred in mid-March when the Full Moon in Libra arrives in mid-April.

This 2nd Libra Moon portends infinite potential for reversals and change, as the Aries Sun conjoins innovative Uranus in Taurus on April 22, three days after the Libra Full Moon. You will strongly feel the force field of Uranus on those few days between the Libra Full Moon and the Sun-Uranus conjunction. This will be a change-oriented time, when you will crave freedom, excitement, independence, innovation—and change. Often, relationships that have been out of favor will come back into your life. You may feel you need extra distance from those relationships in which you have become overly-enmeshed. A sense of standing on a mountaintop on your own two feet will pervade your consciousness. Yet, the lingering influence of the double-Libra Full Moons will also urge you to seek union and harmony. You will be more open than ever to negotiations, understanding, and compromise. 

The flow of the Sun in individualistic Aries into the Sun in the peace-loving Taurus on April 20 will fuel your desire for a more pacific, peaceful lifestyle and environment. The lingering magnetic pull of the double-Libra Moons will help you make choices that accommodate both yourself and others simultaneously, and facilitate peace and harmony within yourself and in the world around you.


A Time For Love & Healing Energy

Get ready to rectify situations that have been buried in the past—due to the influence of the South Node of the Moon conjoining Pluto on April 4 and the South Node of the Moon conjoining Saturn on April 30 in tandem with the double-Libra Moon influence. You have a golden opportunity at this time to open your heart, marshal latent energy and good will, and create a haven of peace around you—despite anything else that may be going on in the world. Use the loving energy of the Libra Full Moons to radiate abundant love and healing energy from your heart. 

Visualize healing pink light emanating from your heart and permeating the aura around you. Your healing pink light will bring peace and harmony to you—and will be a positive influence upon anyone who enters your magnetic field. Through meditation and prayer, you can bring in greater amounts of healing divine energies that will further strengthen your aura and give you even greater ability to be a positive, peaceful influence in your environment!