Practice Peace & Harmony Under The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse On July 16

The July 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls into a complex T-square pattern that is certain to provoke hidden tensions inside yourself and in your personal relationships. 

The July 16 eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and Antarctica, where its effects will be strongest.

Lunar eclipses occur when the shadow of the earth temporarily interrupts the flow of solar light from the Sun to the Full Moon. As a result of this temporary obscuring of the Moon’s light, the light of the Sun (male energy) temporarily becomes stronger. This is because the light of the Sun represents masculine energy, power, and aggression. The reflected light of the Moon represents female energy, feelings, and responsiveness. 

Male energy becomes temporarily stronger under a Lunar Eclipse (July 16, 2019). Female energy becomes stronger under a Solar Eclipse (July 2, 2019). 

Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs (or sometimes in groups of 3) every 6 months when the axis of the Moon intersects the ecliptic of the Earth. Eclipses challenge the prevailing reality to introduce new ideas as the normal flow of light and energy from either the Sun or the Moon is blocked, and the light of the other celestial body temporarily takes precedence in human consciousness.

Whereas female qualities predominated under the most recent New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 2, the tables will be turned, and male characteristics will predominate under the July 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

The ascendency of male qualities on July 16 is especially noteworthy in that the planetary energies of that day are already heavily weighted toward traditional male qualities such as authority, aggression, assertion, and detachment. This is because the eclipsed Moon conjoins Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node of the Moon (a traditional point of loss and letting go). The Sun at the time of the eclipse, on the other hand, conjoins Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Loving Venus in the mix will help dampen the activating effects of Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node of the Moon. Nonetheless, the love planet is slightly outnumbered! Still, keep your focus on the loving qualities within yourself for the best results under the July 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

Additionally, there will be no planets in air signs at the time of the Lunar Eclipse. There are 4 elements of nature represented in astrology—Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Earth represents planning, constructive action, and accomplishment. Water represents the flow of feelings. Fire represents dynamism, drama, spontaneity, and creativity. Air represents perspective, cleverness, and mental perspicacity. Without air, there is no ability to step back and see the big picture or multiple angles of a situation that would promote greater understanding.

The planetary patterns for the July 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse certainly portends a bit of volatility!

So, be prepared for people to criticize things they normally overlook, for people to confront issues they normally pass by, for defiant people to dig in their heels, and for tempers to potentially flare. Other than that, it will be a great time…

As an antidote for the tense energy that will prevail on July 16, visualize light around yourself and the planet; pray for peace and harmony; and make sure all of your words and actions are aligned with calmness and truth in the days leading up to July 16. It is not a time to provoke others. It is a time for mindfulness, quietude, solitude, and patience.

I normally see the bright side in virtually all planetary alignments. There is always good that can come out of the most complex or difficult planetary alignment. So, this complex and difficult planetary alignment has a bright side too. It’s just that the bright side will require some time to emerge from the shadows of the eclipse. 

The greatest light of hope comes from the alignment of lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius and spiritual Neptune in Pisces during the month before and 2 months after the eclipse. The special energies of Jupiter and Neptune reward humankind for making spiritual efforts. The veil between the physical and astral worlds is a bit thinner under a series of Jupiter-Neptune Squares that will bracket the eclipse (January 9, June 16, and September 18, 2019). The Jupiter-Neptune alignment presents a peak period for spiritual growth and progress. So, the good news is that the challenging events in the outer world will likely drive you and others to seek your fulfillment in the spiritual energies available under the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune. The potential for great spiritual progress is available to you at this time!

The only thing to be cautious of under the series of 3 Jupiter-Neptune squares is the expansively optimistic natures of both planets. Their overly optimistic perspectives can easily distort reality and enable people to see only what they want to see, or only the best in a situation, while they ignore other looming obstacles or issues. Optimism is always a way to lift your spirits, but make sure your optimism is tethered to reality, and that you are prepared to be proactive for peace and harmony under the potentially disruptive line-up of Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon in Capricorn opposite the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer and Leo. 

Everyone would like to see a synthesis of disparate and dispersed energies at this time. So, let’s try to mend fences and integrate with others who may be antagonistic at this time. Yet, be prepared to protect yourself under this challenging alignment, as well as practice peace and harmony and pray in the days leading up to the July 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse—and for the few days after, as the eclipse energy dissipates.