Communication Delays Likely Under Leo New Moon

The New Moon in Leo occurs on Wednesday, July 31, just 46 minutes before Mercury completes its retrograde cycle. With Mercury in Cancer in retrograde at the moment of the Leo New Moon (8:12 pm PDT/11:12 pm EDT), this celestial line-up portends delays in communication—either in delivering communication, receiving communication, or formulating an idea or expressing an idea. It will be important to have patience!

I’ve recently learned that there’s another word for having a word “at the tip of your tongue,” where you know what you want to say, but can’t find the word to say it. It’s called “lethologica.” The dictionary defines “lethologica” as “partial recall and the feeling that retrieval is imminent.” This would certainly describe the feeling of a New Moon on the cusp of the completion of a Mercury retrograde! Incidentally, “letho” is the Latin root of words such as “lethargy” and “lethargic,” which mean lacking energy, drowsy, dull, or sluggish. And in this case, the lethargy refers to “logica,” which is the root of logic. So “lethologica” means lethargic logic, or lethargic thinking. The theory behind the phenomenon of “lethargic logic” is that names and emotional reactions to events are stored in different areas of the brain than are words. Sometimes, due to stress or overwhelm, the brain pathways become jammed, and word retrieval can be delayed. That feeling of a combination of frustration and anticipation aptly describes the upcoming Leo New Moon!

The good news about the upcoming Leo New Moon is that it conjoins loving Venus in Leo. Leo is a romantic, radiant, spontaneous fire sign that is known for generosity and light-heartedness. The July 31 New Moon, therefore, will certainly be a good time for…a good time! This New Moon in Leo will not be an auspicious time for productive work, business negotiations, or writing. But it will be excellent for parties, dating (online and face-to-face), and general joviality. The one thing to be aware of is that Leo energy functions best when in person, with the people present, rather than remote participation, as often is the case with electronic communications. Leo energy also eschews technology in favor of in-person interpersonal interactions. So, if you do spend a lot of time connecting with others online, expect delays under the Leo New Moon—and possibly some confusion. You will have the best chance for clear communications and healthy interactions when you and the person or people you are interacting with are in the same room! 

Additionally, try to keep it light under the Leo New Moon! Leo rules the Sun, which radiates light and warmth. So too is the Leo personality—warm, radiant, and magnanimous! Leo energy is not concerned with details, as is the next sign in the zodiac, Virgo. Nor is Leo much interested in communicating, in the sense of the give-and-take of listening and speaking. Leo energy enjoys the pure act of expression to a willing audience, but is not so much interested in hearing what the audience has to say, unless it’s accolades!

Other things to be aware of under the Leo New Moon are: 

  •  Be a good listener
  •  Practice empathy
  •  If you have a creative project, let your mind fly—it’s a good time to experiment
  •  Favor face-to-face meetings or telephone calls over electronic communications
  •  Give yourself solitude if interacting with others becomes too draining or intense
  •  Get together with loved ones
  •  Keep the agenda light
  •  Wait to focus on details until the Sun moves into Virgo on August 22


Finally, please be aware that innovative Uranus in Taurus is making a potent square angle to the Leo Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars during the upcoming Leo New Moon, combined with the expansive energy of Jupiter in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This means that the energy will be a little more erratic and unpredictable than usual. This will affect your heart rhythms, and could affect your ankles. So, breathe deeply, relax, and eat healthy foods under the Leo New Moon. Also, watch your step, as it’s easy to become ungrounded and trip over things like curbs, objects on the floor or sidewalk, or even your own feet. Sore throats, hoarseness, or losing your voice also could be a result of an overly active social life or talking too much about oneself under the heady energy of the New Moon in Leo. And with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at the Leo New Moon, negotiations will require compromise. If you find yourself becoming too stubborn or rigid under the New Moon alignment, practice letting go and surrender. The benefits of your flexibility will multiply exponentially!