How You Are Changing The World: A Short Story

Everything we are doing here today- every personal process of transformation each one of us is going through on an individual level, no matter how insignificant it might feel, is in reality much, much bigger than ourselves. Every battle being fought within one’s self, every step towards the healing and accepting of one’s own heart to muster up the courage to express to the world, to reveal to the collective as a brave and vulnerable expression of authentic humanity is of tremendous, vital importance to the bigger picture.

Our coming out for justice today, our embracing of ways of being that we know must be right because we have decided to follow our intuition rather than our fears and doubts, are not personal statements we are mustering to merely claim for our own freedom in resistance to the definitions which society has tried to constantly keep us in. Instead, they are cosmic portals of large scale evolution whose places today - with us as the players and participants in the turning of the millennia, are focal points through which the exploding future is allowed to become catapult into its ever expanding fate.

The suffrage, abolitionists, hippies, and civil rights movements were merely the sparks of a cry for a new world. The tension of old systems of thought against man’s no longer deniable cries for liberty allowed for this spark to let the dark know that a fire is upon it. Now we are the fire, and we are here to light the way for every generation to come. We are the ball that the generations before us have only started to get rolling, and as we claim our place here together we gather a snowball effect. If the human fight has seemed to be an uphill battle up to here, know that we are the ones to stand upon the top of the cliff, reflecting on our pasts, peeking into the unknown depth ahead, and taking the plunge anyway so all may know that the future is a free fall into the core of each one of our own selves being, and yet hand in hand we fall.

Everything we do today represents a part of revolution bridging the forward momentum of all that has come with the unleashing of all that can and will be - and through our personal experiences we act out the liberation of a species from the mental prisons that have confined and suppressed the full freedom of the human being - no matter how seemingly small the individual reference. We all are going through something.  We are making our way to tune back into what is true for us, and have come out shouting and preaching, and sharing the message of our hearts’ journey towards freedom will be studied in history classes; these victories will be honored and praised for the next millennia to come as the fearless catalysts for greater global changes. And because of us there will be a new millennia, where we did not collapse upon our inability to see beyond the fallen structures of greed, ignorance, and separation. In our simple willingness to work to align ourselves with our personal truths, we brought broken systems to the ground and transformed society into a unified experience beyond all past recognition. Know that this vision is our destiny.

We are headed into a future where all humans are free to be who they are. Where every deep seeded aspect of humanity is honored and embraced on a fully conscious, large-scale level. Before this is an obvious reality resting safely in the common sense and way of life on earth, we must make our way out from the broken institutionalized ways of seeing things held in place by the minds that have been structured to think there is no other way but the ways they have been taught. In questioning what we have been taught it means to be human, and time and time again choosing ourselves and the guidance of our own being no matter how hard and lonely the battle, we empower 7 billion others with the space, courage, support and inspiration to do so as well, and to know they are safe, that they are heard, and that they are not alone. As small and insignificant as our internal battles may seem, the change that will transpire in our lifetime through us will be honored for all of eternity. So if a challenge of inner turmoil is upon you, please, face it with all that you have. Although you might feel alone, you matter to the bigger picture. You affect us. You help us. Be fearless in your truth. Know that whatever you are overcoming in your life serves a greater purpose, is part of a collective process beyond what any one of us can truly see or recognize. So if you feel that there is something within you that is waiting to be unleashed, please don't hesitate to let us know. You are needed, valued and honored. Thank you for being you. It means the new world.