Taurus Full Moon - November 14, 2016

Tonight, November 14, 2016, the moon is full and closer than it's been in decades. Sitting in grounded, body-conscious, bull-headed Taurus, who is ruled by passion-driven Venus, the energy of the day is all about the passionate embodiment of a new life. When it comes to matters of abundance, this full moon prompts us to “break-up with poverty” and embrace our abundant nature in more ways than one.

Scorpio has already brought much to the surface this month from the depths of our individual and collective psyche. With a new moon in Taurus we are asked to stand and embody what we believe is fully us – especially in the realms of what we deem “practical” and “fitting.” This means stepping beyond previous mental and emotional limitations as well as actually stepping out of any physical life situations which have been holding us back from living the life we know we were meant for.

This moon has a sextile with Chiron. Sextiles are all about the intelligent application of an energy. Chiron represents the healer or healing aspect – often expressed as the “wounded healer” archetype. When in sextile with the moon in Taurus, we are asked to look at what is “wounded” in our physical manifest world personally, and how to heal or transcend it in our day-to-day life. This definitely points to where we have been holding “poverty consciousness” and where we have accepted less than our deserved portion.

We must remember: we are cosmic beings, manifesting in earthly forms. The heavenly bodies urge us, through their aspecting, to remember, piece by piece, bit by bit with each significant planetary positioning, who we truly are. If we can “swallow the whole pill” in relation to our divine nature, we will find that we are abundant beings downsized into “ill-fitting” clothing who now have the chance to rip off our garments and find the flow of prosperity consciousness more fitting of our true selves.

By utilizing the super-close proximity of this moon, which lends greater lunar potency than normal, we are able to reap the benefits of the moon's influence to bring the energy of Taurus into our financial (and other) realm and “grab the bull by the horn.” By setting powerful intentions, such as the desire to “break up with poverty” we are commanding our reality in a way fitting our nature. Venus, the natural ruler of Taurus, brings it home and asks us to look at how we have been “treating ourselves.” I like to take this aspect very personally – asking the following questions:

“How is my home decorated?”

“What does my purse/wallet look like?”

“Is my furniture placed properly so that energy flows well?”

“Do my clothes 'fit' me – and my authentic personality?”

“Is my relationship supporting the beauty of my soul?”

“Do I nurture myself properly?”

“What do I love that I have been denying myself access to?”

When feeling into the answers of the above queries and then making the proper adjustments, this Taurus full moon seems to better fit, even if the “outside” world is going nutty with the waters of Scorpio and the Uranus midpoint. Uranus is revolutionary and sitting right in between the sun and the moon we are seeking to balance our personal security and abundant resources with the collective upheaval and change we see all around us. It is a good time to take a bubble bath and slip into some silk jammies while sipping jasmine tea and eating pudding, I'm just saying.

As the collective seeks to alter itself radically and move away from what has been perhaps a “poverty mindset” in as much as we have sleepily let government “rule” - the personal realm is breaking up with poverty in ways much closer to home, though intimately tied to what the whole is experiencing.

This moon is an excellent time to write down a manifesto of what riches you wish to see in your life and then to find what blockers are showing up for you that say “poverty” to your rich expression – and then release them. Sometimes it's a job, a relationship, a wardrobe, a location, whatever it is – this moon says it is time to step more fully into your feminine divine expression of yum – the place where you can dance with your creativity, write love letters to your sacred partner and make love to possibilities as yet previously unseen or accepted.

As we roll with the shake-ups of the election season and realize that if change is truly going to happen, that we must be that change – the Taurus full moon gives us plenty of heart-centered traction to move ahead with no more lag and much more love.

With moon opposite Lilith, we are faced with an inner reckoning. It is the deep and profound realization that everyone is not going to be happy at the same time and that trying to make it so is a project built to fail. This opposition gifts us reconciliation with our brave/bold side and gives lofty permission to standing in a truth that you have perhaps never vocalized for fear of isolating someone on your Facebook feed. That time is over. The cosmic sort is on and souls are showing their colors as we move through this powerful astrological time.

If you have a chance to get out under the moon tonight, we are still pulsing off the height of the action and any rituals or intentions are sure to carry potency as no other time in your life as yet. Make them clear, don't hold back as “expecting miracles” seems to be the theme this weekend.  If you make it out of this weekend inspired, your flame will help light the way for others still grappling in the madness of Scorpio's tides on our way down the other side of the closest moon in nearly a century.

Be bold, be brave and kiss poverty consciousness goodbye for good. It's time to claim your palace, even if that means that seeing how to do so results in alienating much of your previous tribe. The trumpet has blown and the sort is on....unfortunately, not everyone you know chooses to perceive and relieve in the same manner you do. No one is wrong, everyone has permission – and this full moon gives you the intimate opportunity to break-up with all places you have said “yes” to lack – even if many of those places weren't what you previously would have expected.

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