Winter Solstice 2016 - Celebrating the Sacred Rebirth of Our Inner Light

Winter Solstice 2016 - Celebrating the Sacred Rebirth of Our Inner Light
The Winter Solstice time marks the beginning of a new phase in our inner journey. Symbolized by the shortest days of the year, in which the sun is reborn to bring new light to the collective, we celebrate the renewal of sunlight throughout all cultures and religions. Energetically seen, it honors the Feminine Spirit and its vehicles (our planet, ourselves and all living things) giving birth to the Sun-Child – New Creation, regardless of our beliefs. (For more information about the origins of our Solar Calendar, New Years & Winter Holidays, read this article by Milt Timmons).

For us as individuals, the Winter Holidays find their profound spiritual meaning not through the superimposed consumerism at the end of the year, but through inner reflection and correction of the old and inviting the new to manifest itself – through receiving the gift of the Rebirth of our inner light.

Where I come from, we call the nights between Winter Solstice and New Year's 'Rauhnaechte' - the nights in which our ancestors smudged the bedrooms at night. Christianity transfigured these days of intense inner clearing and warding off evil spirits into the 'Twelve Days/Nights of Christmas’. In energy work we recommend to use this time for releasing and clearing all energetic and karmic ties accumulated throughout the year. Only if we are aware of our shadows and don't fear facing them in inner contemplation or meditation we can successfully remove those energies within us that imprison us and that prevent positive manifestation of new energy coming in at beginning of the new year.

In this time, we typically focus on clearing our collective ties and embrace the inspiration through our personal epiphany. We celebrate the rebirth of our inner light through our inner sacred redemption process, understanding that there is a new beginning every time we confirm our inner connection  as it allows us to rejoin the circle of life without attachments.
Alpha & Omega is the simultaneous beginning and the end - the unified Yin and Yang in constant motion. It symbolizes the transformative and eternal power of the Divine Field expressing itself through space and light. Light, the mystical representation of the Divine Masculine aspect, has no end or beginning - itself it has no shadow, and it can expand and contract in any direction without limitation. Space, the all-encompassing vacuum, the primordial OM that holds and provides the vehicle for the energy of light, can be seen as the mystical Divine Feminine aspect. Together they constantly expand and contract - transform and transmute - carrying the information of ALL there is.

During the Winter Solstice, it is the conscious space of the Divine Feminine that invites the Divine Masculine to infuse her darkness with the spark of new light, and thus strength and direction. As the strength of the light renews itself again, it bears a new potential to bring new life, new ideas and new inspiration into our lives.

On the deeper mystical level, The Sacred Rebirth combines the correctional process of Redemption through the creational process of Renewal. Both primal energies, the Masculine and Feminine are needed for this process.

In conscious and spiritual energy work, we practice the sacred process of Rebirthing our Inner Light by decoupling from the collective matrix and leaving our past – including karma and trauma – behind with energetic collective clearing modalities. We fearlessly align ourselves to truth and courage (masculine) while energizing our inner nurturing, self-love and compassion (feminine) at the same time, and thus reclaim our Divine Light as sovereign ruler of our own soul. In deep and silent reflection or contemplation, we allow our shadows to be illuminated and call for the cleansing of the old through our heart. We use the end of the year as time for deep clearing of our karmic and energetic ties, which quickens our life-force and reconfirms our alignment to the Unified Divine – the Alpha & Omega within.

Utilizing the energies of the end of the old year and beginning of the new year means renewing a life-affirming attitude and to strengthen our divine inner connection.

Collective Clearing Energy Work Applied

 At this level of energy work, we need to continue to transcend your need to conform with collective conditions and programmed behaviors. We need to become able to discern when it's time claim your independence from your conditioning to be better than others or to please those around us.
 We need to stand strong! Our alignment to inner resolution and peaceful solutions will get you through this transformation without having to fight!

All you need is to be present in your heart and the courage to trust your inner light to guide you. You don't need anyone to tell you what is right for you, because you can clearly feel what's true to you and what isn't. Declare yourself and what you stand for! Be accountable for your light and make it count!

There is a comfort in believing that there is magic in those symbols and props of our collective programming, yet when we feel it out through our heart, we can realize that they are the ones that keep us imprisoned.

 What I mean to say with this is not that they are all ‘bad’, but that there is a moment of grieving that needs to be overcome, so that we become able to discern what holds us back and keeps us trapped.

Those of us who are aware of the perennial power in the Divine principle of life become the beacons of our global consciousness awakening. We understand that there is a tremendous power in accepting transformation as divine creation process and that redemption is not a guilt driven making-good process with whatever authority we externalized our power to. We understand that Divine power permeates through us at all times, and that GRACE is a resonance within our hearts. With an unmistakable inner knowing, we feel that this power is in us, but that it’s a matter of self-responsible choice to align to it that allows it to manifest through us.

Shining with renewed life and light illuminates not just our own but also the lives of others. It empowers, encourages and inspires them to improve themselves. This is the way of the Divine Light shining through us dispelling darkness for the entire collective. Decoupling from the collective allows not only for our light to shine brighter and wider – it also brings healing into our life and that of others!

Sacred Redemption is the conscious and courageous act of overcoming our ego’s fears and attachments. It requires the silent humbleness of the co-creator alignment in us. Suffering cannot be the motivation for our redemption process – it would bind us to our ego-illusion. Tribulation is therefore nothing to be feared, as it is what we have been experiencing in our unconscious – unawakened state all along!

The motivation is to end our suffering and fear of tribulation through liberating our ego-mind out of the disconnected collective unconscious, so that we can begin to reclaim our creative manifestation powers! 

However, remember that we’re all responsible for our own light. If our light darkens, others can offer us a spark, can help us to find our flame, offer their light to guide us, and even show us how to do it - but they can’t re-light it for us or keep it lit on our behalf. It is us sacred purpose to keep our flame lit - even in the darkest hour!

The darkness at the end of the year is such an opportunity to rejoin with the collective as a liberated soul - free and unified at the same time. Liberate yourself from the Collective Shadow and let your light be contagious!

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