5 Reasons Kombucha Is Good For You

Kombucha has been made and used in various forms by many cultures for centuries. If you don't know already, kombucha is fermented black tea and sugar or honey.

The black tea is fermented using a SCOBY, or Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast, which creates a unique nutrient-rich drink. Kombucha has become very popular in the last several years. You can find it at health food stores, local grocery stores, your local food co-op, and even at some gas stations. There are several different brands and a vast array of flavors.

Kombucha is prized mostly for the probiotics and many other health benefits. Not all palates are appreciative of the funky kombucha flavor—it can be pretty tangy and it has a slight vinegar hint to it—this is a part of the reason it is made with other delicious ingredients.

The making of kombucha starts with some sweet tea and a SCOBY. The SCOBY, also known as The Mother (we'll get to that), is responsible for turning the tea into a probiotic drink. The SCOBY, if done correctly, provides healthy organisms that are great for our gut. A healthy gut is a happy gut! The Mother or SCOBY is not the prettiest or the most palatable to some, but for those of us who know its true power, it is a sheer beauty. The Mother SCOBY creates baby SCOBYs in time, which allows you to have more kombucha brewing at one time. The Mother can last for years and years, meaning so can all of her babies.

In case you still need some convincing, here are 5 reasons you should try kombucha:


1. Natural Detox 

Kombucha is high in glucaric acid. This acid aids the natural detoxification of the liver. It also helps eliminate waste and toxins while increasing the digestion of food, enhancing its natural energy boosting power.


2. Immune Boosting

The antioxidants produced by kombucha help control the free radicals that are one of the immune system’s worst enemies. D-Saccharic Acid-1,4-lacton OR DSL and vitamin C play an extremely large role in protecting our bodies from inflammatory disease, tumors, depression, and cell damage, as well as boosting the entire immune system. The probiotics are also another boost for the immune system.


3. Healthy & Happy Joints

The glucosamine found in kombucha can help heal, repair, and prevent joint damage. The glucosamine is responsible for increasing the Synovial Hyaluronic Acid production, which helps to preserve the natural collagen produced by our bodies. This, in turn, prevents arthritic aches and pains. Not only does kombucha support the collagen in our joints, but also throughout our entire body.


4. Weight Loss

I know I've mentioned that kombucha has a very positive effect on our entire gut but it really is incredible how many benefits stem from it. Not only does kombucha clean, maintain, and promote healthy function, but it also stimulates and improves the metabolism. This helps the body break food down faster and easier, limiting the amount of fat build-up.


5. Energy Boost

So with everything that's been said it should be pretty obvious how kombucha supports boosting our energy. Our kidneys play a massive part in our whole body. Our body being clean allows our system to function the way it should, leaving our whole body feeling good.



You can make kombucha yourself or you can buy it from the market. Sterilization is very important if you do decide to try your hand at making this tea. If anything gets contaminated with the smallest amount of bacteria you could end up with a product that makes you sick.