Taurus Birthstone: Emerald

My oldest son is a Taurus baby -- he is an incredible example to me of why Emerald is the perfect stone for this sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus and together they are a most sensual, grounded and beautifully rooted and body-oriented energy. The Emerald lends potent healing vibrations to the body of the Taurus and assists with feeling stable, connected and solidly aligned in the heart. When Taurus energy finds its way into the sky or is amplified in your chart the Emerald can help to soothe and support all that which is Venus-influenced and bodily focused.

Patience and Relational Bliss

If you have ever known a Taurus you may know that they are either infinitely patient, or they are in some serious need of patience. As a child, most with Taurus in their charts find the need to cultivate patience and Emerald is the perfect vibration for helping to usher in a sense of calm and relaxed ease. Even if you are unable to “afford” the Emerald stone, having access to the crystal essence or even invoking the vibration of Emerald verbally (such as “I now invoke the vibration of Emerald into my field”) can do wonders in anchoring a sense of time-slowed-down and being okay with that.

As an adult, patience is a virtue few can claim to truly own, but if desired, patience can be welcomed into one's vibration through collaborating with Emerald. Whether you are of Taurus persuasion or you just want to find yourself in a more receptive space to embody your person, Emerald can help to attune you to the Taurean energies of sensuality, self-healing, self-reliance and realism -- for no sign likes it more straightforward than the Taurus person. My son is notorious for wanting to know how much everything costs, how long it is going to take and why things are the way they are. With Emerald around, these qualities can be backed with an essence of confidence, strength and harmony.

In relationships, Emerald has long been revered for its ability to lend the energy of longevity and endurance to any union, much like the qualities associated with Taurus. Together they add a fortification principle that could pretty much guarantee relational bliss, as the Emerald only does wonders for enhancing the sensual, elegant and co-mingling nature of Taurus. If struggling in relationship, adding an emerald into the mix can help to bring forward the strength and endurance of the bull, steeped in patience, loving intention and the healing balm of sensual expression. With this combination, any partnership could find life where lack once was and for new passions, emerald is sure to make a lasting, loving impression.

The Divine Feminine and Venus

At the time of the year where the constellation of Taurus is featured in the solar sky the energies of Venus and the Divine feminine archetype are magnified, both collectively and individually. What this means is that every person is, on some level, asked to look more deeply at how the highest expression of feminine is manifesting in their life and in their inner world. To the Ancient Chaldeans, Emerald was thought to house a Goddess and was itself a holy relic. All ancient cultures have prized Emerald for healing, as a bestower of eternal life and as a mark of royalty. By wearing or invoking the vibration of emerald we can more easily tune into the vastness of our being, which is the feminine quality of the universe.

In this day and age we are each, more and more, learning to embrace our “shadow” -- which really means that we are becoming comfortable “looking” into those places within ourselves and in the universe which previous generations have basically turned a blind eye to – or could not fully comprehend. Over 95% of reality is basically “unknown” and considered dark matter. This is true of what lays hidden in the subconscious and unconscious minds and is representative of the feminine aspects of existence, which are largely mysterious and as yet unexplored. By aligning with Taurus energy through the use of the green Emerald you are opening yourself to connect more fully and deeply with the vast unknown in the universe and within your individual psyche and to uncover the buried treasures of ancestry and soul gifts awaiting you there.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, who is a Goddess in her own right. She is Aphrodite and the goddess of self-love, adoration and beauty. Venus is unabashed by her own sensual nature, she embraces all her facets and lavishes herself with pleasures and passions alike. In her most balanced expression Venus couples with Mars – her masculine counterpart in the zodiac and through wearing Emerald or calling its energy into your field the feminine aspects of self find strength and grounding that is essential to the woman who is ready to find her mate.

Emerald gifts wisdom, awareness of the body and connection to the flow of healing power that exists in each one of us. It often takes planting feet firmly on the Earth and settling in for the long-haul (as a bull would do) before we are able to reap the true rewards of our body-awareness and growing wisdom achieved through experiences in the physical. Emerald supports this process and enhances it to the extreme, such a master stone is it.

Healing Powers Amplified

It would be incomplete to speak of Emerald and the qualities of Taurus without emphasizing the healing potential found when marrying the two. Emerald, by itself, has long been prized for its amplification of the healing process, especially in cases of the eyes and in anything malignant. It helps the body to find balance, inner strength and to restore equilibrium to every system. Taurus energy is loyal and steady. In the process of healing this is a good quality to maintain, as it takes commitment and endurance to see an illness through to wellness again. Once the body has manifested dis-ease in the physical it is calling for a realignment to take place and naturally calls the soul and person inward to find the source of the problem (if the person will cooperate). Emerald assists this process with great vigor and excitement and lends a ray of healing that is incomparable.

Whether you are Taurus by birth or long to embody those qualities of the Taurus nature, Emerald and the energies thereof will become your best friend in aligning with such.

Staring out into the early morning star and spotting Venus on the horizon with the sun still hovering in Taurus I find my Emerald ring and slip it on as I say a silent prayer to more fully embody my sensual, grounded, healthy nature today. As I sit in the still morning I root into the earth with my pelvic floor and breathe in the promise to my inner unknown, to visit more often, to ask the questions and to follow the threads of compromise into a path of healing and self-adoration. I need to love myself more today and Emerald makes me feel worth it. I need to feel more able to express my abundant nature today and tap into the joy and riches that are my birthright. Emerald walks with me on this journey and I already feel I am on my way.