How to Live Your Soul Purpose: On Dharma

We all have a unique soul purpose, a reason for being that exists as a seed within our consciousness, stored as a gem just waiting to be discovered. This “life mission,” it could be called, is what allows us to find access to infinite presence and timelessness. In Sanskrit this unique soul-calling is known as one’s dharma and is thought to be the reason for pursuing a life of self-awareness and enlightenment, to allow this essence to be both discovered and expressed.

Before accessing one’s dharma, life is lived instead through karmic filters, acting out and embodying past life tendencies, early childhood programming, and ancestral patterns, which are still in our body’s fields. You could say it is essential to work through karma in order to discover one’s dharma. They are interconnected, and yet separate. We come through specific family lines and are born into geographical locations as a means to assist us in revealing our karma to us, so we can release it and unbury our unique dharmas.

Karma is a result of past actions and beliefs which play out in a cause-effect manner. Karma is not all negative, but is still a reflection of where we have been and what we have experienced thus far. We all, usually unbeknownst to us, are playing out karma for the generations that have come before us. This is why it is often mysterious to us why we feel blocked from accessing the truth of who we are, which can truly only be uncovered after we have released karmic patterns.

It is as though our dharma exists as a seed of light and awareness within our beings, yet is sitting cloaked behind patterns and programming. As we peel away the layers of unprocessed emotions, memories, familial tendencies and past life experiences we eventually catch a glimpse of our personal dharma. By continually releasing and purifying our system -- which consists of the various fields of physical, energetic, emotional, mental and astral layers -- we reveal the light of our soul-purpose more and more.

In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, one’s dharma is described as “the essential quality or character of one’s nature.” Dharma is the coupling of one’s purpose along with service to others. In other words, finding your dharma includes not only discovering your personal joy and natural bliss, but how you are here to serve with such awareness.

In Buddhist philosophy, the actual teachings of the Buddha are considered dharma, or “the truth of the way things are.”  Since in our most authentic state we too are buddhas (the enlightened one), when we access a level of consciousness full of joy and in alignment with personal truth, we are indeed living our personal dharma.

How Do You Begin to Discover Your Dharma?

Before dharma can be unveiled in a person, karmic imprints must be released from the body’s field. It is like the raising of the curtains on the stage of our life act. The dharma is the play we came to enact, but karma stands in our way like a curtain. It blocks the play, awaiting expression. By utilizing a karmic relief specialist you can identify and clear what is blocking you -- emotionally, mentally, and energetically -- from seeing the true you on the stage.

Karma shows up as DNA imprints and is affected by our emotional state. By finding what emotions are stored in your DNA and releasing them, the soul has opportunity to express, purely and authentically, one’s dharma without interference.

Remember, dharma is a combination of knowing one’s authentic soul-mission AND the sharing of it with others. Service is part of the equation. The service is as natural to the soul as the song that wishes to play. It is as if you begin to access what is so naturally and rightfully yours in a way that feels good, right, and helps your fellow human. In this way, the words of the Buddha align in that the truth of the way things ARE is revealed.

None of us are our patterns, programs, limitations, memories or impressions. We are not our past lives, our ancestors unprocessed emotions, nor our childhood subliminal programming. These things clutter the truth of the way things are -- that essential spirit or energy that runs through all that is. The WAY -- as is often spoken of as the Tao -- is the underlying principle of reality when we are free of encumberments. It is the song of life expressing through the vehicles of our beings. The Tao of Dharma is the Way of Authentic truth expressing through you now. It is why you are here and what you came to share -- it is your very vibration and essence -- at the core.

Buddhist teachings also translate dharma as “protection,” for living life from a place of core alignment while serving others naturally protects one from suffering and dis-ease

You can start today to uncover your personal dharma by identifying beliefs you carry which took root in childhood from your main caretakers. By noticing what limiting ideas and patterns you have carried on from someone else, you are immediately free from these things and more in alignment with your inner truth. This same practice could be done with all past relationships, and with beliefs around money, success, love and health. By teaming up with a specialist who can help you to identify trapped emotions and karma in your field you will find yourself able to quickly move through the layers and access your dharma without much further delay. The world awaits you living your dharma!

As a Karmic Release and Dharma Support Specialist I work with clients daily on relieving old programs, soul-contracts, ancestral patterns, childhood impressions, and all beliefs which inhibit them from living their dharma. It is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. The more and more a person is willing to let go of old, sabotaging behaviors and beliefs, the easier it is to access soul-truth, wherein dharma lives.