3 Holistic Hacks To Heal Chapped Lips

Do your lips dry out in the winter? You're not alone: Dry, chapped lips are as common as hot chocolate come winter time. That said, just because it's common doesn't mean you have to accept it. There are a lot of things you can do to combat dry lips holistically. As a bonus, I've included a recipe for a natural lip stain at the end of this article to give your lips the perfect winter flushed look (without any of the pain that comes with it).


A lot of people believe summer is the time you should be drinking the most water. That's not necessarily true. Yes, you are sweating out most of the water you consume in the summer, but you need to stay hydrated in the winter, too.  Hot air from radiators and heaters tends to suck up all the moisture from our homes and bodies, without us realizing it. Ever have warm heat blasting in your face and wonder why your nose gets all dry? That's because the hot air dries you out. Obviously, it also affects your lips. Make sure you're drinking a bunch of water to combat this. If you find water harder to drink in the winter, try sprucing it up by adding some lemon to warm water. Or add some of your favorite herbs and spices to warm water for an extra kick.


When your lips are chapped, one of the best things you can do for them is exfoliate them. This helps to loosen dead skin on your lips that's flaking off. If you're in a pinch, a dry toothbrush will work: Just gently brush your lips with it in small circles to encourage cell renewal. You can also try a DIY scrub for your lips. Personally, I recommend using some olive oil and pure cane sugar as an impromptu lip scrub. You can put no more than 1 teaspoon of each in your hand, mix them up in the center of your palm, and apply it to your lips using your finger. Just rub the scrub into your lips using small, gentle circles. The best part about this scrub is you can just lick it off when you're done, or wash it off. Feel free to replace the olive oil with coconut oil, if you prefer. Either way, exfoliation of some sort will help remove those dry flaky bits of skin still attached to your lips.


Last but not least: Moisturize! Your lips need all the moisture they can get come winter. Between the dry hot air blasting indoors and the cold, dry air outdoors, your lips never catch a break. They are constantly being relieved of moisture, and drinking more water is only solving half the problem. While you do need to rehydrate your body on the inside, you also need to hydrate it on the outside. Make sure you're using a lip balm or lip oil of some sort. You can DIY your own lip balm, but if you decide to buy one, make sure it's not loaded with toxic ingredients. Most conventional lip balms sold in stores are far from all-natural.

DIY Lip Stain Recipe

Do you not only want your lips to feel good, but also look good? Try this simple DIY lip stain. It's super simple and only takes a few ingredients to create. It will give you the perfect flushed lips look without any of the hassle. Make sure the ingredients you use are organic and washed before use.


  • 1 red rose or 1 beet


1. Grate the beet, or take the petals off the rose.

2. Put the ingredients into a mortar and pestle and crush them up into an oil. Once you have enough oil/juice to work with, apply it to your lips. Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes and then wipe it off. This will give you the perfect pink winter flush!