#Wellness Wednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 99


Wellness Wednesday Week 99: Ardha kamalamunyasana/Half Pose Dedicated to Siddhar Kamalamuni


Stretches the inner thighs and hips, knees and ankles

Opens the chest muscles and the front shoulders

Helps promote the spinal flexibility and stimulates internal organs.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start with legs in lotus pose, place hands on ground behind back and lift butt up off floor.

Feet are both flexed.

Legs are fully engaged.

Body is balancing on hands are tops of knees.

Core is flexed to help left lower body.

Back is curved, for backbend.

Hands are pressing evenly into ground and pointing away from body.

Arms are straight and engaged.

Shoulders are down and away from ears.

Chest is pressing upward so heart is open.

Neck is evenly extended.

Head is looking upward.

Common Problems:

Shoulders are caved in and not allowing heart to open.


Legs do not have to be in full lotus, body can just being sitting on feet and then lifted.

Hands do not have to be placed on ground, can be bound behind back.

Butt can be resting on block.