September Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarius September 2018


Being good to yourself is the best health routine that you can find. Since happiness is a state of mind, look into that skeleton closet and start going through the junk that you keep there. Look to see if you keep it there because it serves you in some form or fashion. Do you use it as a reason or excuse for your behavior today? The mental anguish of holding on to the pains of the past will not be good for your physical or mental health. Start working on yourself to make you feel better because that will affect the relationships around you. If you are having a hard time or do not know where to start, you might consider going to a professional for assistance. Change what you can and accept what you can't.


Money coming from other people or new opportunities that other people present to you can bring a financial reward. You might consider going for the gusto this month—as well as new job opportunities that are being offered to you. It is not that you only have one choice but many to choose from. How will you know if it is the perfect one if you do not try other ones also? So, if you are not happy in the job that you have do not think that you have to settle in that position. If you are not considering going back to school for higher education, you might consider taking an adult class at a local community college. That will be worth the investment. But do not take the job just for the financial benefit. If it is not morally right, it will only help to put more skeletons in your closet.


If you do deal with those skeletons, even if it is only one at a time, it will lighten the load of sadness that you have carried for too long. Look to the future with higher expectations and you will not be disappointed. When you speak to others concerning the demons that haunt you, you’ll find that the ones you share with can relate. Your body is your temple and it is important to clean and honor it. When you do that happiness is automatic. Home is where the heart is, so if your home is unconventional or unusual to common practices don't feel bad. If you are happy where and how you live, then what does another person's opinion mean when it comes to your happiness? The important thing is to do good and be good and everything else will fall into place.

Overall outcome

With the many opportunities that will be available to you, the only one who can hold you back is yourself. You will be that onion shedding the layers of your soul. Looking at each one, you can see the beauty that surrounds you. Do not limit your potential to the size of the pot that your onion grew in. If you transplant it into ground, which has no boundaries, how large can it grow? So, embrace new opportunities that are presented to you this month. Do not automatically assume you cannot do the job presented to you until you try. You might find that your potential lies in another person's intuition of your greatness. Don't automatically think that everyone who gives you compliments is after something. Some will be blown away by your greatness and cannot help but be excited and complimentary.