Lisa G. Landis

Lisa G. Landis


Rev Lisa G. Landis aka *GLoLady* shows her credentials as a Mystic Intuitive using her birth chart


We do not know, what we do not know, until we are taught. Sometimes it is not the truth.


Astrology, Numerology, & Tarot, when used properly can make living as a human being much easier to deal, understanding the Universal cause & effect.


Her readings are not a 

"fortune telling" gimmick.


 GLoLady is dedicated to Truth and the empowerment of all People. Marching to a different beat has its benefits – eventually, we find others who dance to the same beat, so sing your soul proud and others will join you.

How is life treating you? Are you following your true path or living your life guided by the wishes of others? Most times when we allow that, we become unhappy. 


GLoLady's gift of foresight can be documented by the inventions as viewed on her portfolios part one and two. Part three is in the works. 


A Birth chart is the Date, Place, and Time of Birth on Planet Earth that pinpoints a Treasure Map to the person's Soul. How each Planet will aspect our whole life as they transit around the Sun. We are Spiritual beings in Human form. She offers her services as a psychic medium to help you understand your birth chart and Tarot for an intuitive reading and guidance. Birth charts are the Treasure Map to the Soul.

Working with Divine, Angels, Holy Spirit, Signs, Symbols, Numbers, Planets, & Stars for guidance as a Mystic Intuitive, Starseed and Lightworker on planet Earth. 

Her Birth chart, Numerology, & her Palm will confirm her credentials, for those who are curious.