September Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn

Capricorn September 2018


Try not to be so hard on yourself. Stop carrying the pains from your past into your future. Outside manifests as illness within so if you are hard on yourself you're not going to feel any better. Try not to live your life through other people. It is good to have fun with your friends who can accept you as you are. You do not need others who are hard on you demanding you be perfect. So, find a mental, emotional, and physical balance that is necessary for good health. Talk to others who have the appearance of good health and learn how they stay that way—then see if you can apply it to your life. You never know until you try it if it will work for you. So even if it seems unusual, consider what do you have to lose?


Finances can bring challenges if you hold your worth by their standards. If you have been talking about ways to invest other people's money that will benefit you both it can be a good outcome. What you talked about at the beginning of the month can pay off more at the end. If you are willing to put in the work, the profits will grow. If you are looking for someone to invest in your business, make sure you research and learn everything that is needed for negotiations to go smoothly. Looking into a new career opportunity might mean going back to school, but what do you have to lose when you increase knowledge? Even if others cannot see your vision, do not hold yourself back from achieving it. It is not the destination but the journey to get there that will bring greater rewards if you do not turn back.


Are you thinking about unusual ways to go and have fun, but you hold yourself back from even trying? How will you know unless you try? If it is not harmful to yourself or others, then go for it. It just might bring that relief that you have been seeking from being so hard on yourself. You need to feel at home in your relationships. If your partner has been trying to get you to lighten up, you might want to listen to their suggestions. If you have a partner that is just as hard on you as you are to yourself, you might question why you are in that relationship. A relationship should help you grow and not keep trimming you, so you never bud into the flower that you should be. The choice is up to you; the decision for your happiness lies in your own hands.

Overall outcome

How happy do you want to be this month? If you cannot find answers that you are seeking within, maybe you need to listen to self-help on audio books. You cannot hate yourself for not knowing what you do not know. So, seek to learn what you do not know. Whether you go back to school or just to your local library it will be beneficial for you. There you might find even more than you have been looking for or willing to settle for. Try not to limit your own potential when you do not know what your potential could be. A weekend getaway whether alone or with someone will be beneficial so pack your bags and go. Even if it is to the next town, the change of view will do you good. So, lighten up and have fun this month!