September Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio September 2018


Those wounds of the inner child that you have been plagued with have come to the surface and by the end of the month you will be ready to share them with others—and you will find that you feel much better about yourself when you do. The things that you had no control over but had to suffer through can be healed through forgiveness. Forgiving someone who harmed you in the past can change your future immensely. It is holding in those grudges that keeps us unhealthy. It is the things outside of us that manifest as illness within. Letting go of those things or others that do you no good will benefit you. Your communication with others has always been challenging and it seems even more so now and will be for a while. Have you considered a journal or a diary to get these feelings out of yourself? It is better to get them out in some form or fashion rather than to allow them to fester inside of yourself.


We know that you enjoy having fun but try not to blow all of your money in the wrong places or on the wrong people. You have been thinking and talking about a new career; what's holding you back from trying something new? Talk to your friends about where they work in their job field—maybe they can inspire you to join them in the company that they work for. Maybe they know someone that you do not but who can help you attain your career aspirations. Do not give up if the first attempt fails you; maybe it was the Divine's way of sparing you the unhappiness in a job position that you thought you would like. Don't settle for less or less is what you will get. It is time to hold value in yourself more than your material possessions.


If you are not happy in your relationship, then whose fault is it? Are you counting on someone else for your happiness? That is sure to be a disappointment at some time or another. Only you can make you happy. So, look at your relationship: does it inspire you to be better or does it take you down because it does not come up to your expectations? Always remember the choice is yours. If you are with the wrong one and it brings pain into your life the chances of it being a karmic relationship are great. Look to see what the lesson is that you need to learn and live with it or end it for a relationship that brings growth to both of you in a happier way. This is not to say that it won't be painful to end because growing pains always are, but they will not be as painful as staying.

Overall outcome

How happy do you want to be this month? Loving yourself more than you have been and looking at the good in you more than focusing on your flaws will be beneficial to your happiness. The choice in attitude is up to you—how do you choose to see things? Everything in our life is a stepping stone toward building a castle that we call our body. Do you allow yours to shrink on the vine or do you water it with spiritual growth? Your friends and new friends that are in and coming into your life can be The Wind Beneath Your Wings so you can soar to new heights. So, do not keep your eyes pasted on the ground but look to the sky, and then shoot for the stars.