September Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius

Sagittarius September 2018


Are you considering alternative healthcare? Is there a new treatment that you have found or an old one that was replaced by pharmaceutical profit? If you are taking too many prescribed medications, then you need to look at what health complications go with the medicine you are taking. See if any of them interact with the others in a negative way. Don't automatically assume that alternative healing is “woo woo” and does not work. What is natural has healed humans from the beginning of their existence. It is only in the last century that hospitals have grown as big as the bank buildings. This is not to say that they have not been beneficial to people, rather it is to question why more people are sicker since. Do not automatically assume there is no cure for an illness that was stated to be incurable. Instead investigate and research what might be a possible cure.


The challenges of spending too much money to make you feel good to hide the pain and remorse from the past will only challenge your resources. Do not spend more than what you have because going into debt will only make you feel worse in the end. Prioritize your finances to your needs and you will feel much better in the process. If you have been wanting to go on a vacation but could not afford it, consider taking a walk in a new area. Just changing your viewpoint will do you a world of good. Focusing on your career might bring a new change, whether it is in the work that you do now or a new field that has opened in front of you. You have that gift of gab so if you are not receiving the money that you should be paid then speak up and request more for your work or consider your options to go elsewhere.


You are in control of your happiness and if you place your happiness on your possessions the chances of being unhappy will be greater. Wealth is not monetary and will not always bring you happiness or buy you love. Chances of being fickle in your relationships will be greater if you are not with the correct partner, and who can you blame but yourself? As the song goes: love the one you are with. If that love is not returned, look to see what you are sending out. If you think trying to change someone into your ideal mate will work, chances are it will not work. Accepting someone's flaws is part of a relationship because we all have flaws. If you are holding someone to your perfect standards, is it fair to them? Trying to change someone is not fair to either of you. Your happiness is in your own hands.

Overall outcome

Finances and lessons with finances will continue so get used to it. That is a lesson of holding possessions on a pedestal and thinking that is a good goal in life. Acquiring possessions can be fun, but it is not everything. Feeling good about yourself can be accomplished by going through your own skeleton closet and getting rid of the demons from the past that have been hiding there. If you have been carrying the baggage of past relationships into the relationship that you have now with yourself or others, it will be detrimental to your happiness. So, go and have fun this month without spending any money. That will make you feel good without spending a dime. Do not yearn to go places you cannot afford as that will only make you feel sad because you cannot go. Instead of yearning for that new doll be creative with a paper doll—one that you can create new clothing for using scraps of paper that you would just discard anyway can be fun.