10 Different Ways To Tie A Scarf

In the throes of winter, my most favorite accessory to don is a scarf. It’s the perfect way to cozy up any outfit with whatever desired degree of style. Whether a sunny and bright winter day, or a heavy, homebody day, there is always a scarf to suit the winter season…and all the other seasons that follow, too!

Some prefer the simplicity of a long, everyday scarf to swing once around the neck. Others may enjoy the ease and continuity of a circle scarf. Some wear a scarf to bundle in its bulk. Some—like our grandmothers—wear a light and dainty scarf as a true fashion statement, to complement an outfit wonderfully.

My grandmother was one of these women, and handed down a slew of beautifully ornate silken scarves resplendent with flowing florals, cultural motifs, or artsy geometry. What to do with these beautiful pieces? Learn how to wear them, of course!

Currently a simple scarf-wearer? Try these not-too-complicated scarf ties to broaden your wardrobe horizons in fabulous ways!


How To Wear A Square Scarf 

1. Square Knot

Fold a square scarf in half into a triangle. With the point of the triangle facing down the spine, around the neck, turn one corner end over the other. Take the corner end that is now in front of the other behind the other. Pull through and tighten. Shift the knot to the front or back.

2. Tied Bib

Fold a square scarf in half into a triangle. With the point of the triangle facing down the middle of the chest, cross the ends behind the neck. Turn the crossed ends to the front to knot.

*To make a cowl of this design, follow directions for the Tied Bib first. Then, tuck the point of the scarf into the top of the neck and over the knot. Rotate, loosen and adjust as needed.

3. Lasso 

Fold a square scarf in half into a triangle. At one corner along the crease, tie a loose knot in the tip. Pull the opposite corner through the opening in the loose knot. Pull the knot to secure. Adjust the loop to the desired length as needed. Wear knot off one shoulder.



4. Flip Knot

Spread a square scarf out on a flat surface with the wrong side facing up. Tie a knot in the center and then flip to that the knot is on the underside (scarf will be right side up, now). Choose two opposite corners to tie together at the back of the neck. Adjust as needed.

5. Center Knot

Fold a large square scarf in half into a rectangle, or use a long, rectangular scarf. Tie a loose knot at the center of the scarf. Wrap scarf around neck with knot at the front. Tie loose ends together at the back.

* For extra flair, tie multiple knots in a long, rectangular scarf before tying behind the neck.



How To Wear A Long, Rectangular Scarf

1. Center Knot Bow

Make a loose knot in the center of a rectangular scarf. Place the knot under the chin and wrap the ends of the scarf around the back of the neck to return to the front. Tuck the ends of the scarf into the loose knot so that the ends cross one another. Tighten slightly by gently tugging on the initial loop of the scarf.

2. Slip Knot

Place a rectangular scarf around the neck, keeping one end longer than the other. Tie a loose knot in the long end of the scarf. Slip the short end into the loose knot loop. Tighten knot and adjust by gently pulling on the short end the scarf.

3. Wing Knot

Place a rectangular scarf around the neck with the ends facing the back. Cross the ends at the back and bring them to the front. Flip one end over the other and adjust so that there is open space between neck loop and the flip.



4. Rubberband Bow

Place a rectangular scarf around the neck with ends facing the front. Bring the inside edges of the scarf together to wrap them with a rubber band or hair tie. Gently tug on the “bow” to adjust size and “collar” that forms with the loose parts of the scarf.



5. Twisted Hack Knot

Double a rectangular scarf and wrap around the neck, holding ends and loop towards the front. Pull the ends through the loop. Now with ends and loop in opposite hands, twist the loop once and pull the ends through once more. (Ends and loop will rest on the same side they started before tying.) Adjust by gently pulling on the ends.



Although these are all scarf ties for around the neck, don’t be afraid to venture outside of the box! A scarf can be used as a belt, to tie a dress, or as a headscarf. Add a broach or tie two together. I even use them as giftwrap and as a makeshift belt for my yoga practice.