#WellnessWednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 148

Akarna Dhanurasana- Bow and Arrow Pose (Archer) 


Mental fatigue is synonymous with the pace of today’s society. We live at a frantic pace. Our brains are overloaded by a bombardment of stimuli. The average adult does not sleep enough to avoid daytime fatigue and mental fog. So, we substitute simulants for energy. We reach for coffee or sugar in the middle of the day in order to make it through the afternoon. That afternoon jolt negatively impacts sleep quality that night and the cycle continues. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A lot of us have more control over what we eat or drink in the afternoons than what time we get to bed at night. Which is where Akarna Dhanurasana, Bow and Arrow Pose, comes in. Practicing this dynamic pose in the afternoon can help you get over the 3:30 hump, stimulant free. It will boost your energy levels, and actually can improve your sleep when you do finally get to bed.


What to do:

Stand with both feet together.

Inhale deeply, raise the arms in front of you to just above shoulder height.

Exhale fully, take a small step back with the right foot.

As you step, make soft fists and pull the right fist back as if pulling on a bow string.

Gaze over your front hand, hold for a few breaths.

Exhale and step forward as you lower the arms.

Repeat on the left side.

Do each side 10 times.



This pose is easily done in a chair.

Sit on the edge of the chair with both feet firmly planted.

Perform the arms movements as normal.




Opens the heart space.

Decreases tension in the arms and shoulders.

Increases focus and energy levels.