Food as Medicine: Deflating The Source Of Disease 

Countless life-altering diagnoses root from the same underlying cause, that being inflammation. Causing problems from arthritis to cancer, inflammation wreaks havoc on the body and its organs. One way to explore cures for these issues can be by acknowledging the same source of most all modern health issues: your food.

Processed foods along with those containing high trans fats can cause a serious inflammatory type reaction in the body. Alcohol, caffeine, and sugars are huge culprits for the issue and their intake should be minimal or avoided entirely.

There are several surprising foods that actually fight inflammation as well as prevent it. Holding other properties as well, these foods are often overlooked for their simplicity or perhaps used daily without given the credit they deserve. 

Fortunately these foods are easily accessible and simple enough to eat on a daily basis.

1.Coconut products: Coconut oils, milks, water, and everything else associated with the nut, hold many properties that the average joe could gain benefits from, including but not limited to inflammation. Coconut is a superfood classified for its great ability to detox, strengthen, and in some cases, cure the body of bad cells. It's a good fat providing many positive qualities we should look for in our groceries. Just use a tablespoon of the healthy oil in your cooking in place of butter and you’ve already done an incredible amount of good for your body.

2.Avocado: Another good fat whose nutrient rich properties positively impact the body. When ingested, avocado and avocado oil help balance insulin levels, improve cardiovascular health and of course aid in reducing inflammation throughout the body. Avocado can also be used topically for skin replenishing moisture and acne treatment, though consuming avocado will also aid in fighting breakouts.

3.Rose hips: One of the richest sources of vitamin C we can get our hands on, rose hips has been utilized in medicine for ages. This herb is mainly used as a tea in medicinal practices; however, it is also available as an essential oil for the natural self-healers out there. New studies show that rose hips can aid in several inflammatory diseases such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn's disease.  

4.Celery: I know what you're thinking -- celery has health properties? It's easy to dismiss this vegetable as boring, but not only does celery fight and cure inflammation, the veggie has also been used to lower cholesterol, prevent ulcers, fight infections and (sound the horn) improve digestion and bloating! If that's not a miracle food, I don't know what is.

5.Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins A, B6 and C. This carotenoid food will heal any inflammation that is already present within the body and fight disease. People living in villages in various parts of Africa are encouraged to consume more sweet potatoes in order to prevent against vitamin A deficiency, which is more prevalent in those areas.

6.Salmon: Rich with omega 3’s, salmon helps reduce secretion of inflammatory-causing proteins. Eating foods high in omega-3’s, such as salmon, has the ability to counteract the inflammation excess omega-6’s can cause on the body.

7.Blueberries: These little berries help in reducing inflammation as well as providing a great amount of antioxidants which aid in brain function while preventing disease. Blueberries also hold a great tummy calming effect for those suffering from nausea.

Along with these foods are a variety of herbs that do a great deal of good for the body's ability to fight away inflammation. Parsley, ginger, and thyme are all phenomenal resources to implement into your cooking, adding more than mere flavor to your meal.

 With one trip to your nearest grocery store you could be on your way to an inflammation free body! But don’t let it stop there – these foods hold other healing properties as well, and fit into nearly any strict diet plan. As I am currently on my own journey exploring the benefits of a personalized whole foods diet, I have found nearly all of these foods and herbs can fit into my daily lifestyle and budget with ease.