#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 40

Extended Hand To Big Toe Pose


Helps teach balance.

Strengthens legs.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Foot on floor, evenly standing on all points of foot.

Knee pulled into chest if balance isn’t strong.

First two fingers looped around big toe.

Extend leg out first and then pull leg to the side for better balance.

Other arm out in “T” position for easier balance

Shoulders are back, away from ears.

Neck/head is in a natural position.

Common Problems:

Most at risk is your knees and low back.

Standing foot turned outward.

Hyperextension of the knees.


Knee can be bent if there's not as much flexibility.

Wall can be used to hold yourself up.

Do not do if you have had recent ankle injuries.