#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 42

Eagle Pose


Can help improve balance.

Will strengthen your arms, legs, knees and ankles.

Can increase circulation to all joints.

Improves focus.

Foundation & General Alignment:

One foot standing bearing all the weight.

Opposite leg is crossed over second leg, and if able, foot is hooked around back of calf.

Bent at knees like in Chair pose.

Tummy is toned.

Arms are crossed in front of body. Can also be resting on hips.

Looking straight ahead.

Natural curve in neck, back is straight.

Common problems:

Most at risk is the knees and shoulders.

Shoulders are hunched forward.


Legs just overlapping (not hooked around).

Leaning against a wall for help with balance.

Hands on hips instead of in front of your body.


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