The Courage In Being

Sometimes the most courageous act can be to drop the mind and just be.

When our minds are losing ground in a whirlwind of potential mumbo jumbos and we don't know which way to get pulled away in, there is this sense of being in mid-air. Untethered to our bodies, there is this anxious feeling that we must pick a direction to trail after or we will be left behind by whatever stresses need to be chased somewhere.

When we find ourselves in this subtle and even casual anxiety, we might not even recognize it's there, because whatever is mentally going on is detaching us from the space of just being wherein we are conscious.

It is therefor the most courageous act to simply drop all that feels so urgent, whose tension begs for resolve, and to abandon the custom patterns of trailing after this whirlwind of thought in order to seek solution, instead settling for mere release.

It goes against our anxiety to do so -- and we think we need this anxiety.

But if we just make the choice to say no all together, and to completely forget about the mind, to honor that we are exhausted, and let our breath be the only thing we listen to, we find what we've been trying to attain.

The mind, in its nervous state, when using itself to find solace, can only find more self-generated discomfort. Therefore, beneath the mind is the space of peace for which all our longings try to reach.

It doesn't matter how this longing is dressed, or what these thoughts were specifically hoping to accomplish -- 99.999% of the time, it's the peace that is accessed with their complete abandon.

It takes a leap of faith to drop the mind and simply be. As a western culture, we are terrified of not thinking, as we have subconsciously learned to identify ourselves with our thoughts. Therefore, the fear of not thinking for a moment can even be likened to our fear of death. We are so used to knowing ourselves in the context of our mind-chatter that peace looms as some mysterious abyss.

It therefore takes some boldness, some bravery, and some courage to abandon the familiar comfort we find in our discomforts, and to settle into a way of being that exposes the mind-matrixes that cloud a majority of our waking lives as the illusions that they are. But when we do so, we come back to reality. We come back to ourselves.

Here, there is truth -- and in truth, there is nowhere to go to find anything we need. It is all already here. It is simply in our being.

The monkey-mind leaves us with infinite different choices for which thoughts to ride away from the prospect of presence towards god-knows-what-we-think-we'll-find. When caught in this confusion of mindless mental chatter with no clear place to go, there is only one true choice to make. Release, and just be.