Essential Oils: Frankincense & Living Your Dharma

Trapped in a pattern of feeling limited in my body and unsure of how to move forward with a true sense of purpose and self-worth, I reach for a bottle of Frankincense oil as my life-coach had instructed. It is supposed to help with this kind of stuff. Why is it so difficult to believe in myself and what I came here to do? Lifting the lid and inhaling deeply something powerful within me begins to shift. It is like I am elevated into a space of new-found vision, like I have the ability to observe myself more objectively and I suddenly feel a surge of self-worth which inspires me to action.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means “soul purpose” or “life path.” It is thought to be the reason one has incarnated, and it is up to each individual to discover and live their dharma before departing from this form. Human experience has a tendency to distract one from their personal inborn mission by introducing difficulties such as illness, emotional upset and loss. Frankincense helps to combat and relieve individual suffering and actually “clear the fog” so to speak, so that one may more readily access the truth of why they embodied.

The Frankincense Trail is an ancient trading route that has been traveled by many for hundreds of years, so precious was the cargo to be both acquired and delivered across the east. Known to relieve the atmosphere of disease of every kind as well as evil spirits and negative energies, Frankincense, though often quietly and mysteriously, has been long assisting people in connecting them to a higher nature.

Often essential oils work well in teams, and in the case of Frankincense, Myrrh just happens to be the perfect partner. Where Frankincense helps to “lift the veil” and connect one with the memory of their soul-purpose, Myrrh helps one to physically embody that realization. Frankincense and Myrrh work together like a caring Father/Mother team. Where Frankincense is like the father, holding the conscious knowing of a thing, Myrrh is the mother, assisting in bringing said knowing into form.

The essence of Frankincense essential oil is light and lifts one easily into meditative states where pure inspiration and clarity can be found. It helps to balance brain hemispheres and activate the pineal gland, often called “the seat of the soul.”

Physically, Frankincense essential oil has been found to kill cancer cells and activate the body's immune functions. Spiritually, this translates into the ability to cancel out anything in the body that is combative to divine purpose. Where cancer breaks down the physical vehicle and taxes the system so that life can no longer thrive, Frankincense clears the space and allows for complete spiritual embodiment to occur. One who is vibrating at the frequency of Frankincense essential oil cannot help but access their true gifts and divine potential. It is the vibration of health, of attunement, of the Sage and of transcendence.

When working directly with clients to help them clear blocks so they can live more authentically and full of passion, I often reach for Frankincense oil and recommend they do, too. It keeps me in alignment and helps my clients to more easily access a state of grace wherein living their truth becomes a natural byproduct.

I often refer to Frankincense essential oil as the oil of the Divine Masculine and Myrrh as the Divine Feminine, as together they work to assist one to feel whole and access a complete sense of self where supportive action becomes the norm. To me, the Divine Masculine is the space-holding energy for the Divine Feminine. Where the feminine vibration is the creatrix, bringing ideas into form and manifesting dreams into reality, the divine masculine is the sacred alchemical chalice wherein this happening becomes possible. By utilizing Frankincense essential oil one creates a safe space in their field wherein to begin to manifest the life of their dreams, the one they came here to live. It is akin to a sacred circle or an alchemical container.

Frankincense encourages wise self-reflection and self-honor at the highest level. It is not about arrogance or self-righteousness, rather it allows one to behold the sacred-self and to step the “lower self” behind enough to begin to meet their higher self in the plane of action.

Anointing the third eye and crown with Frankincense, the higher chakra centers are nurtured and balanced, opened and activated. The vibratory field of the body is supported in raising itself up and the death and disease portals of the body begin to close as the person attunes more closely with their eternal self in longevity and purpose.

I am absolutely in love with the sweet and holy fragrance of Frankincense essential oil. It is truly a scent of royalty in the sense that it helps to remind every being of their royal, divine nature, which is the birthrite of us all. By using Frankincense essential oil one becomes acutely aware of their dharma and is more easily able to align with it in order to live a more fulfilling, abundant life.

If you have not as yet brought Frankincense essential oil into your life, today may be the day. It may be costly, but it is even more costly to keep yourself from your soul-purpose. By remembering one's truth, all of life that was once wasted becomes as a jewel. Anoint yourself with dharmic remembrance and live your bliss today!