4 Fun Ways To Greet Fall

Autumn is magical: The leaves start to change, the air cools, and crops shift in season. While you may miss the warmth of summer, fall welcomes many exciting new activities. From hay rides, to playing in the leaves, to many other ways to celebrate, fall can be quite fun. Don't let it pass you by: Make the absolute most of it! Here are four fun ways to welcome fall. The best part is they're all eco-friendly and involve nature. I'm sure you can think of a few other ways to celebrate, but here are some to get you started. 

Eat Seasonal

Eating in accordance to the season is so important. Most of us are at a disconnect when it comes to what's in season. We think just because it's in a grocery store, it's in season. Not true. Every fruit and vegetable has a growing season: This is when it's at its peak and when it would grow naturally outdoors. Some examples of fall produce are pears, apples, butternut squashBrussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes. Here's a list of my personal favorite fall vegetables, but there are many more to choose from. I highly recommend checking out this produce chart to see what fruit and vegetables are currently at their peak. You might be surprised at what you find! Once you learn what's currently growing, make sure to buy it at your local grocery store (preferably organically grown) or at a farmers market. I personally prefer the farmers market because they are naturally connected to the seasons. All the produce there is not mass produced, so it has to be seasonal (and fresh!). The taste is truly out of this world, and don't even get me started on how good biting into a farmers market apple is. You'll literally taste the essence of autumn in all of your food.  

Go pumpkin and apple picking

You probably saw this one coming, but going pumpkin and apple picking is a must! Better yet, try finding a farm that grows organic pumpkins and apples. That will certainly make things a little more challenging, but worthwhile. According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), apples are the fourth most pesticide-ridden produce items on the market. That means they're sprayed with pesticides, which aren't exactly healthy for humans (or the environment). Choosing to pick organic apples will greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate, your exposure to these pesticides. Plus, the taste difference is quite evident! The same goes for pumpkins, even though they did not make EWG's dirty dozen list (which is a good thing, trust me).  If you're convinced there aren't any organic apple and pumpkin picking options near you, do a google search! You might be surprised at what you find. Try typing "organic apple picking near me", or "organic pumpkin picking near me". You can even replace "near me" with your state. The choice is completely yours, but don't give up until you try it! Often times, there's a lot of fun things to do at these places besides just apple/pumpkin picking too: Hay rides and apple cider donuts, anyone? Of course, the fun doesn't stop there: When you get home, you can use that fresh produce for a slew of things: apple pies, pumpkin pies, apple jam, jack o' lanterns, etc. Enjoy the harvest! 

Embrace fall colors

For the beauty and fashion lovers out there, fall is a time to embrace the same colors the leaves are rocking. Try incorporating more reds, yellows, oranges, browns, purples, and black into your look. Personally, I think a deep, matte lip with smoky brown eyes is stunning, but I've also noticed people rocking deep purple lipstick too. It all depends on your own sense of style and comfort zone. As far as clothes go, you cannot go wrong with black and maroon. I personally love wearing black shirts, maroon leggings, and black boots. It gives me a slightly witchy-pagan feel. If you enjoy brighter colors, add a pop of red, orange, or yellow into your wardrobe. You can bet flannel is always in too, so make sure you wear it this autumn! One of my favorite outfit looks is a brown jacket, a bright red scarf, a black shirt, dark jeans, and brown boots. You don't have to try anything too bold, but incorporating some fall colors into your look will make you feel closer to the season.  

Plant some fall flowers

When I was a little girl, I went apple picking and pumpkin picking with my parents, aunt, and uncle. But do you know what we'd do after that? Get some beautiful fall flowers, that's what. As my aunt would put it, we "gotta get the mums!" every year. Mums, short for chrysanthemums, are a beautiful perennial flower that will certainly be back next year if you plant them now! They come in a wide range of colors, too (my aunt loved the red, golden yellow, and white ones), so they're the perfect way to spruce up your yard, backyard, or garden for fall. Heck, you could even keep one on your windowsill if you don't have much outdoor room for plants (like me). This is also a good time of year to start planting bulbs you want to see blossom in the spring. Get creative and think ahead: How do you want your spring garden to look? Now's the time to start making that magic happen (because once winter comes, the ground will be too hard to dig through).   

For more fall fun, check out this list of exciting things to do in autumn the whole family can enjoy!