Aries New Moon: Being Your Own World

Aries New Moon –  April 15, 2018 

A New Moon is a time to set intentions for what we’d like to see come to fruition by the time of the Full Moon. Having a better understanding of the luminary and planetary energies allows us to make better choices and helps ensure that our actions will provide the positive results we are looking for.

A Brilliant New Beginning

What’s not to love about Spring? When the trees and plants start to wake up, it refreshes our Soul and awakens our feeling of being alive. Just thinking about being outdoors with all its potential activities brings a sense of electricity and excitement.

This is the liveliness of April’s New Moon in Aries.  The Ram brings the energy of initiating anything new.  Its symbol of the ram’s horns shows impulse and force. The archetypes of the Warrior, Pioneer, and Adventurer are each a perfect match for this energy. Aries is about putting the desires of Self into action. It is that spark of fire impulse from the realm of unlimited potential that comes through the individual. The mantra shouts “I AM!”

Futuristic, Modern, Revolution

Uranus—the planet of freedom, rebellion, and genius—is conjunct the New Moon. This adds an even stronger desire to be more independent in thought and action. Uranus energy wants to be liberated from the status quo and innovate and shock with new ideas.  Examine if you have been wanting to express yourself in a new and unusual way.

A Not-So-Beautiful Mind

There may be some confusion within your own mind with what you would like to accomplish (Mercury semi-square Venus).  Because thinking and communication is challenging, don’t rush into action too quickly (see Saturn below).

aries new moon chart

Being the Author of Your Own Destiny

Mars (Aries’ ruler), Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn, the sign of hard work and achievement. Mars brings energy, ambition, and discipline for what you want to accomplish. But don’t charge ahead in typical Aries fashion. Saturn in Capricorn works best when you are careful with the details or you may find yourself redoing steps until you get them right. (Saturn’s retrograde April 18–Sept. 6).

Dream Big and Know That Anything is Possible 

Having Mars in close sextile to Neptune in Pisces adds an idealistic quality to our desires and inspirations. This is an aspect that helps us be able to use our imagination to bring about the reality of our dreams. Mars (action) and Neptune (no boundaries) open up the courage to move ahead with anything we can envision.

Pluto sextile Neptune

The planet of power and transformation (Pluto) finds opportunity with our dreams (Neptune). This helps to show us that when we step out to be our true Self, we are transformed from our old Self to the New.

Is there anything you need to change about yourself in order to create what you want?

Can you see each challenge as an opportunity to make that transformation?

Reformulation of Attitude and Inner Revaluation

I often like to look to the Sabian Symbol (Aries 27°) for a deeper look at the energies of the New Moon. This month’s symbol, “Through Imagination a Lost Opportunity is Regained,” emphasizes experience as a means by which we “may become the author of our own destiny” and “our capacity to re-establish ourselves by our own efforts whenever we desire a better foundation for whatever we may set to accomplish.”

Aries New Moon Recap

This New Moon emphasizes putting yourself out in the world and creating something new. It’s time to take action and to plan all the details in making your dream a reality. Be unique and don’t follow others. Ask yourself: What is my dream and how can I individuate and innovate in order to be me?