Sagittarius Full Moon: Passionately Seeking Wisdom

Full Moon – Sagittarius 8°10′ - May 29, 2018

All Full Moons highlight the opposing polarities in our lives. They ask us to see and make choices so that we may know ourselves better.  

Enter the Eagle

Throughout history we’ve celebrated the return of those who left the village and travelled beyond the “known world.” Upon their return, the information they shared with us expanded our understanding of the world and ourselves. There was both excitement and comfort in seeing the bigger picture and our place within it.

This month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius highlights aspects of ourselves that need to leave and grow beyond the confines of a current boundary. It is an awakening of the desire (ancestral lineage in our DNA) to expand our personal experiences so that we may see the world anew and with more wisdom. Pay particular attention to areas of your life where you seek more freedom or adventure. Ask yourself what kinds of experiences would allow you to know yourself better.  (Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter-R in Scorpio)

Where’s the Party?

In contradiction to our desire to break away and observe from a higher perspective is a need to stay right where we are and socialize with those who are already in our inner circle. The Sun in Gemini represents local travel and the exchange of ideas within a smaller geographical range. With this energy, we are vitalized by surrounding ourselves with people and things we are familiar with. Local get-togethers with family and friends provide a wonderful opportunity to explore and play with ideas and have lively discussions that satisfy our curiosity. (Sun in Gemini)

With the opposition of Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini the next two weeks can be a fascinating time to observe our choice to stay with the familiar or venture into expanding our horizons. Either way, the opportunity for growth is tremendous.

Should you find satisfaction in staying within your close circles you can still discover a mindset that may be holding you back from connecting with others as deeply as you would like. The ability to observe ourselves is key.  If you allow yourself to be more variable in your thinking you will be able to see the beauty in a variety of information and not need to judge one way or the other. Where are you being resistant to new ideas being communicated to you by others? (Mercury moving from Taurus into Gemini).

Why would you want to do this? The ability to hear what another has to say without judgement is an important part of relationship building. Venus energy with this Full Moon encourages us to protect our home, family ties, and important relationships. Being more understanding of seemingly dualistic information strengthens diplomacy and, in turn, strengthens relationships. Ask yourself “How do I desire to connect with others?” and “What am I willing to do to feel loved, protected, and nurtured?” (Venus in Cancer, Out of Bounds)

The Teacher

Saturn continues to take a key role in the daily energy we feel. Should you strongly desire to expand beyond your comfort level by embarking on a new adventure (or to have a new experience) Saturnian energy can help with accomplishing that goal. When you remember to plan and follow through with each step, then you can enjoy the journey and how it may unfold. (Saturn in Capricorn, Essential Dignity)

Sag Full Moon Chart


This month’s Full Moon highlights our natural drive to step out of our comfort zone and to passionately adventure out into new experiences. This ancient drive helps us to know ourselves better, gain maturity, obtain wisdom, and ultimately share that wisdom.

In contrast, we can feel an increased drive to socialize and stay connected with our local environment.  We may feel instinctively the importance of bonding and nurturing our closest relationships.  This objective can encourage us to be more flexible in understanding others and releasing judgement.

The key to oppositional forces is to observe and understand both aspects within ourselves and to find a way to merge the two.