Mother Earth’s Medicine Cabinet: The Truth About Aztec Clay (Part 2)

The Truth About Aztec Clay (Part 1) went over the science behind the clay, the different forms of it, and a few different ways to use it externally. Today we are going to go over the benefits of using the clay internally.

When using Aztec clay internally there are two important things you will want to be sure to check:

  1. Be sure you are using Calcium Bentonite not Sodium Bentonite.
  2. Be sure you get the Food Grade Calcium Bentonite.

We already ingest certain levels of sodium throughout the day through consumption, so when using clay internally you want to be sure to avoid ingesting any extra sodium because it can have negative effects on your stomach.

You can purchase the Calcium Bentonite in a powder or liquid form.  I prefer to get the powdered form so I can use it both internally and externally. If you are using the powder you simply put 1 teaspoon of Aztec clay into 2 ounces of water – the longer it sits the better. Give it at least an hour to allow time for the clay to charge before taking it internally.

As I mentioned in the previous article, Aztec clay produces a negative electromagnetic charge that is activated by water. The water also allows the clay to expand like a sponge, allowing it to absorb the toxins from your body and removing them as waste.

Healing Benefits of Aztec Clay

  • Supports the intestinal system, making it a great full body detox.
  • Eliminates bloating and gas.
  • Helps ease IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  • Eases constipation.
  • Can be used as an oral rinse to improve oral health.

The clay will remove the toxins from your insides while distributing calcium to your body. I love that it is such a give and take relationship. There are Kaolin and Smectite that are forms of Bentonite clay that are even powerful enough to treat Candida. Different variations in the clay will cause slight differences in the effect the clay has on your body.

Aztec clay is an amazing healing medicine provided by none other than Mother Nature.  If you think about the story behind its creation it is powerful. From the fiery volcano erupts the molten lava capable of burning everything in its path -- yet when it meets with the water, it cools and begins to change form. From this comes the Aztec Clay that heals.  It will pull the bad out of your body while putting in the good things your body needs -- a yin & yang of medicine.