How to Use Smokey Quartz As an Earth Protector & Help Standing Rock

Whenever I travel by air I carry with me my own herbal medicine chest complete with essential oils and other precious tools for healing. By slipping my favorite piece of smoky quartz into the bag with my herbs and oils (along with a blessing and good faith) I help ensure their protection from the effects of radiation and the negativity of those handling my wears. There is no better protector in the mineral kingdom, against harmful waves and negative vibes, than smoky quartz. As an ally of the earth, Smokey Quartz can assist in the Standing Rock protest to help ensure protection of the people and of the great waters they stand to guard.

Smokey quartz gets its smoky color due to natural radiation from within the earth, which helps form its color – ranging from grays to blacks within clear quartz. This fact alone shows the way in which this stone helps to transform negative waves and harmful life currents into positive ones. It takes on the most deadly vibrations known to us and transmutes them through the alchemy of earth medicine into life-enhancing frequencies.

Like any black stone, or crystals with dark hues, this stone is built for blocking or removing negativity. It doesn't matter if the issue is physical, emotional, psychic, or mental deterrents, this stone gets the job done!  Perhaps it is due to the “lack of white light” which makes up their unique coloring, or the essence of the “void” they represent, but black stones have always been used as the purifiers, protectors and guardians of the rock kingdom. By placing a smoky quartz around your body, wearing it on a chain, or carrying it in your pocket, you can ward off harmful effects of EMF's, subconscious conditioning, harmful intents and other people's moody and unconscious emotions and actions.

The smoky quartz is known to actually absorb negativity from the environment or from the person it is guarding and so in some cases, if not “cleared” often enough, it can break to show its “fullness.” (see Intro article on Intro to Crystals for clearing instructions)

Grounding is another positive benefit of vibrating with smoky quartz. By simply holding the stone, it assists a person in finding their roots, connecting to the earth and activating the root and earth chakras for a more embodied and less “ethereal” experience of time. Sometimes it's easy to get too much in our heads or “out there” into spiritual interpretations of reality – which are all valid and often crucial. The important thing is to make sure our higher thoughts and musings are grounded into our physical body so that we can actually affect change and “live into” the inspirations and awarenesses we are given.  Smoky quartz helps us to accomplish this by bringing deeper mindfulness into the physical and assists in releasing influencing sources which would energetically “siphon” us.

I have a variety of the smoky quartz called Elestial Quartz which contains some red hues and water bubbles. This stone is magnificent for assisting in removing unhealthy heart-cords and emotional attachments. By simply placing the stone over the heart center for up to 10 minutes, and then slowly drawing the stone away from the heart, using a selenite wand or the hand to gently “sweep” between the stone and the body, it helps to clear any lingering strings of energy. This can be beneficial when dealing with the long-standing negative repercussions of violence and harm inflicted on a people or nation over time, as we are seeing in Standing Rock. If you have a piece of Elestial Quartz you could enact a proxy-ceremony and use this stone over your own heart, on behalf of the people, and help to clear out old trapped emotions from past actions, which would help to free up enormous amounts of healing energy and make it available to the people standing now.

Environmentally, smoky quartz may be one of our strongest allies. With all the environmental concerns happening currently at Standing Rock, North Dakota, all people concerned with the issues at hand would do well to incorporate Smokey Quartz into their daily rituals and ceremonies, around tents and tipis and in prayer for those who stand for freedom there. Smoky quartz helps the user to feel inspired with ecological solutions and to find a deeper connection to the earth body. It is also an amazing stone to use to help reach goals and disperse violence thrown at you.

It would be beneficial to send some smoky quartz blessings out to the leaders of this country with the intention to open their hearts and minds to the environmental conditions we are facing. And for those in Standing Rock – of which many, I am certain, are well aware of this stone – a powerful practice for Earth-Healing and Water Blessing has been outlined below:

Earth Keeper Ceremony with Smokey Quartz

1- Gather between 4-44 Cleared Smokey Quartz Crystals

2- Arrange them in a shape around the body, tipi, tent or group of people (Anything from a triangle to a full on grid – use as many smoky quartz crystals as you are able to acquire)

3- Retain one to hold in the center – choose a person (or yourself) to act as the center/grounding point

4- Light Sage or Cedar and walk around the circle from the East, Counterclockwise – to remove any harmful presence, then walk again around the circle Clockwise to “seal the container”

5- As you do so – vocalize your intention for this circle/ceremony as such:

“I Now Invoke the Protective and Purifying Qualities of Smokey Quartz to resonate here with me/us on behalf of the Earth and Her people and resources”

6- Speak “And especially in Standing Rock, North Dakota” - if you are not there

Speak: “I stand as a proxy for the people and land in Standing Rock in order to amplify the healing and protection needed there by calling forth the guardians of the Smokey Quartz Stone on the ethereal planes and in the Earth”

7- Speak any specific prayers you have for the indigenous people gathering at Standing Rock and for the Earth herself at this time

8 – Sit in the smoky quartz grid and visualize the changes you would like to see taking place at Standing Rock happening. See the results fluidly executed, without harm and with ease. Feel the emotions you would like to imbue on that space and recognize yourself as a guardian there.

9- Stay in meditation as long as you would like

10 – When you are ready, ask the smoky quartz to continue to bring messages from the earth of action steps that are needed, and to call forth the animal life to continue, on a grander scale, to take part in the changes, as necessary.

When closing the circle, take the grounding/centering stone in the middle and bury it somewhere in the earth.

11- Return the other stones to either their owners, to hold, or keep them on an altar somewhere in order to continue to radiate the prayers they now hold.

12 – Watch the changes occur in the external world, knowing that when we mindfully and prayerfully do ceremony together in this way, that the 3D world inevitably shifts to match.

For the people in Standing Rock, North Dakota, peacefully protesting the oil pipeline and acting as the protectors of our beautiful Mother Earth, I send smoky quartz blessings and protective energies to you. Together we can all stand with smoky quartz rock as an Earth protector and be the change we wish to see in this world. If you are able, it would be helpful to send actual smoky quartz crystals to the site in order to strengthen the energy there and the communication with the earth herself, which is already huge. It would also help to deter the negative attacks by the armed forces arriving.

It seems like a small thing to do, to just use a simple crystal at such a crucial time – but a lot of small acts create BIG change.

Thank you for participating!