Essential Oils: Physical & Spiritual Properties of Ginger

Preparing to step onto the stage, butterflies in my stomach, fear seeking to grip my frame, I reach for a vial of ginger essential oil stashed in my purse pocket. Dropping a few drops into the palm of my hand and rubbing it gently, inhaling the essence, I can immediately feel a sense of shifting. My feet plant more firmly into the ground and my spine straightens. Suddenly, overcome with confidence, preparing for this moment, I find myself elevated into the state of empowerment I know is normal for me,  and I step onto the stage.

Spicy and sweet, the potency of ginger is unmistakable. Long acknowledged for its ability to soothe an upset stomach and ease various kinds of nausea (including morning sickness), as well as increase digestion and balance the fires of the belly, the physical components of ginger are fairly well known. However, just as with all of life, there are multiple levels – there are layers to reality and to the healing herbs and essences we have come to depend on for healing the body naturally. Beyond the physical and even the emotional components of essential oils hides the ability to support consciousness in such a subtle but potent way.

Ginger essential oil works to “get out the kinks” both physically and emotionally. When peering into ginger's capacities -- and looking at what it does to consciousness -- it is easy to see how it relates to the chakras and their functions in the body/mind. Ginger is a yellow-fleshed root. It is associated with the third chakra (manipura) and through this you can see how it both relates to issues of the belly as well as to the depths and stages of personal empowerment.

By utilizing ginger essential oil, either topically in your favorite base oil such as coconut or almond, or diffused in the air, the benefits of ginger begin to penetrate your frame and work to transform you from the outside in.

What I love about essential oils is that they are absolutely multidimensional. They work to correct and align all layers of being. My mentor, Almine, would say that fragrance is the one sense that did not “fall” into density, if you will. Therefore, by using essential oils we are reminding the spiritual component of us who we truly are. Ginger works at the level of personal empowerment and assists us through relieving the kinks that block the knowing of our own empowered center. This is as true on the physical level as it is on the emotional, and even further, our very consciousness is stirred by this spicy scent, to dig deep and know the truth existing as our very own bhuta agni (spiritual fire).

When using essential oils for supporting consciousness and conscious evolution, I like to state my intention before choosing to “merge” with their essence. For example, with ginger, I state aloud that it is my intention to tap into my personal empowerment and to remove the blocks which keep me from fully standing in my most empowered state. I state this, either in my mind or aloud, while holding the ginger oil, and then I either smell it or apply it. Often times, if it is a food-grade essential oil, I will add it into my morning smoothie so its essence can more fully penetrate me.

Ginger is a root, so it has the capacity to help us not only to feel empowered and “invigorated” in who we are, but to ground this knowing into our physical vehicles better, so we can more fully act with alignment. This oil supports the activation of the third chakra and brings awareness to where we may be out of sync with what is truly “us.” In the process of using ginger essential oil to support conscious evolution, there may need to be a time where an “indigestion” of consciousness occurs on the road to alignment. This helps us to see in a more magnified manner, that which has been blocking our growth and it actually forces us to “deal with” or process and assimilate what we have been content in the past to let sit dormant and undigested within our psyches and within our beings.

Working with clients towards stepping into a more fully empowered version of self, I find using ginger essential oil extremely helpful. During a session, if a drop is placed over the navel, my client feels a silent support to the process kick in. I have often heard this vocalized after offering a drop of this oil towards the session.

Aligning with essential oils for the ascension process we are all in makes for a much easier journey and brings a feeling of almost otherworldly assistance where once you may have felt alone in the craziness that is the world we live in now.

Applying a drop of ginger essential oil (in some sort of a carrier oil to dilute its spicy side) to any of the chakra points can assist with the awakening and the stimulation of that center. In Ayurveda, ginger a Rajasic spice, meaning it promotes change and “irritates” into action. During times of transformation, this quality is usually essential.

I love to attune to ginger essential oil for personal and collective empowerment. Join me in the journey and see how much more you feel able to step into your personal dharma.