Food For Thought

What an interesting saying, ‘food for thought’, like an idea to ‘chew on’. 

When it comes to digestion, it is as much about our brain as it is our gut. Sayings like these indicate our subconscious awareness of this gut-brain connection and relationship. Both can affect and mirror each other in how they process and digest things.

Digestion is so important in terms of health because it’s not just about what we eat that matters, but what we digest, assimilate, and absorb. Even the most nutritious meal is wasted if your gut isn’t functioning properly to breakdown the food and assimilate the component nutrients. How is your digestive system functioning? The thoughts we think, experiences we have, and stories we tell ourselves all have the potential to nourish or deplete us as much as the food we eat. If we feed ourselves with nourishing food and thoughts, we will grow in the direction of health and vitality, giving us strength to go forward towards our goals.

When you think about digestion, it’s not only how are you digesting your food, but how are you digesting your emotions, your experiences, your anxiety? The things you don’t digest can build up in your system, become toxic, and infiltrate into other areas of your body and your life. Our minds and bodies are connected: if your body is not digesting your food properly, it can affect your mind's ability to digest your experiences clearly, and vice-versa.

Take time this week to look at what you might not be breaking down. How can you digest and assimilate it more? How is your diet serving you? Make a choice to nourish yourself with your choices!