5 Health Benefits of Social Events and Activities

Many people enjoy a life of concerts and bar-hopping, but some of us prefer to stay indoors. Our own tasks and plans are all we need, but getting out and seeing new people, places and things can make us healthier. Here are five benefits of attending social events.

5) Become Better Informed – Going out and attending events offers new knowledge and information by introducing us to different cultures, thought patterns and ideas, which can potentially brighten our lives and increase our mental capacities to the fullest.

4) Make New Friends – Getting out there and seeing the world can introduce you to more people, which you can then call friends and companions over time. This can fight mental issues such as depression and anxiety, and even allow a person to live longer. Having friends in many different places keeps one happy, and ensures that wherever you go, you’ll never walk alone.

3) Slows Aging – Some studies suggest that engaging in social activities can lower one’s risk for Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and even rheumatoid arthritis. Social behavior is the “ultimate antioxidant;” the more you engage, the younger you’ll be.

2) Increases Activity Levels – Having a social network can get you out and about, and introduce new fun ways to exercise! Boredom causes distractions, which in turn lead to less-productive work-outs. Engaging in an exercise group or class forces us to follow the same rhythms as our classmates. It’s intense, but we’re likely to feel the burn. An exercise group provides you with the support you need to stay focused and sweat those pounds away.

1) Increases Feelings of Connectedness – When we’re alone, we’re susceptible to solitary feelings and loneliness. Life can seem a bit darker or sadder but getting out can change all that. It shows us that no matter how troubled we may feel, we’ll never be alone in our problems, and there’s always an answer or person out there to bring us back to a world of positive change. Feeling like you’re part of something can do wonders for days when you’re feeling particularly anxious or lonely.